The World awaits! New 4th Impact music coming…

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And How did they Begin?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

From small means…
to ‘Hollywood World Champions’ as teens.

Watch this clip from 2013…

And their DREAMS and QUEST FOR THE BIGGER STAGE kept building

Then became International Breakout Stars in 2014…
and the Rest of the World from X-Factor.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fast Forward to Today…

With their Own State Of The Art Sound and Dance Studio.
A New Management Company,
AND A New Vision…

The 4th Impact Dreamers are eagerly awaiting their ORIGINAL MUSIC

**Acknowledgement to Dreamer LO for cover photo suggestions.





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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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38 thoughts on “The World awaits! New 4th Impact music coming…

  1. it is always an experience to watch a live stream. I would say these are not normal live streams, they are smal concerts.

    1. I agree Ssab their Livestreams always are so upbeat and fun! The entertainment come so easy for them, and they create such a positive experience!

    2. Thanks so much for your valued comment, Ssab! You are absolutely right about the live streams! And they are not small, certainly in length or span of what happens. No concert ever has this amount of personal touch!

  2. As for myself and every other Dreamer out there, we are all eagerly anticipating new music from 4rh Impact! I just know it is going to be every bit as good as we know it will be! Imagine the girl’s excitement, knowing that they created the song, so it truly is going to be THEIR SONG! I am just as excited I think! Another great article: Neal, Gary and Philip!

    1. So right Steven! When the World’s greatest singers are excited…there should be coverage by all of the major media everywhere!

    2. You are right Steven you can see it in their faces every time they talk about it! The pride they must feel and the anticipation is certainly building!

  3. wow you have grown up, so excited to see how far you have come, road full of difficulties but you always manage to get the best out of every situation, but in the end you have arrived where you deserve, four wonderful stars that mom Erlinda and papa Dom us they gave, good luck for the new songs that we await with so much emotion . Grazie Mille 4TH IMPACT

    1. Let me see if I can speak for 4th Impact to thank you (might be interesting to get a word in)…GRAZIE MILLE LEO!

    2. Leo you have been a major supporter of the ladies and are truly one of a kind! Thank you for all you do for the ladies!

  4. This is what we’ve been waiting for and what the girls have needed all along: their own music! They have given us marvelous, amazing covers (better than the original artists’ performances) and a glimpse of some original music, but the news they are moving primarily to their own original music is a huge breakout for them!

    1. Thanks for your valued comment, Ed 2776! Yes, by the fact that they are not doing any covers at all as a group in the past 4-5 months… is just a huge validation of their wanting to concentrate on their own music.

    2. Agreed Ed their priority is now looking to the future and their own music. I know once the world hears it there will be no stopping the rise to the top!

  5. Thanm you for this wonderful article of our lovely 4th impact 🙂 we loved and appreciate this article and also we enjoy the question and answer portion it’s really fun and interesting article

    Keep it up 🙂

    We love you 4th impact

    1. Thanks so very much KC! We are so glad that the question and answer was interesting. Your love for this is very special to my heart!

    2. Glad you enjoyed this KC! Gary did come up with some great and challenging questions! Thank you for your love of 4th Impact you are very special to a lot of dreamers!

  6. WOW! You guys never cease to amaze me with these Articles, and I would just like to add that this is a very exciting time to be a Dreamer, I already K(no)W that their new single is going to be awesome, Thanks Gary, Neal and Philip for all you do for the 4 cup cakes! OOOPS! Spilled the tea.

    1. Thanks Scott! One single that the Show BT CEO is excited about! And now they’re starting on another single! There’s no stopping them now! Great you’ve seen every video of 4th Impact to know that answer!

    2. You are so right Scott what a great time to be a dreamer! I believe we are on the verge of many great things happening for our ladies and a huge wake upcall for the rest of the music world!

  7. Thanks for the great article Gary and Neal. These fine young ladies are such a joy to watch. I love them so much, I watch the videos over and over, because everything they do is beyond descriptive words. New fans need to see that they have been around for a long time working hard every day to get to their final dream of being on the big stage. It is still incredible to me, that they are not there, where they should have been, years ago. Keep up the great work to help our girls of 4TH IMPACT get to the notoriety they well deserve.

    1. Michael, probably the best descriptor of why it has taken them this many years…do you remember in Philip’s Interview of them, when Irene said “we believe that there is a right time for everything”. Certainly emerging from the pandemic, the World needs the Inspiration that we dreamers know the Ladies just create everyday!

    2. Thanks Michael, and I agree but I have a feeling the world can no longer avoid loving these ladies like we do. Phillip has given Gary and I a great platform to keep introducing new dreamers to their amazing story and talents!

  8. These girls have worked at it and worked at for a very long time. Always continuing to strive to get better. All their years of hard work is getting ready to pay off with the development of their own music. Its not going to be long before the world starts to notice these girls. Nice job with this article Gary and Neal!

    1. Marshall, thank for your sage wisdom! The World will notice and realize that this is what has been missing from modern history! The “nice job” well applies to Philip…without his genius and generosity. the dreamers voices might be hard to hear!

    2. You are so right Marshall these ladies have worked their whole lives to help their family with little help, just their determination! Now they are finally getting the management and help they deserve! I am grateful for Phillip and Gary for giving me the opportunity to help with the articles, And thank you Marshall for all you have done for the ladies!

    1. Sarcicles! Fellow Kabababayan reactor to 4th Impact! Many thanks for your love for them and reacting to Philip’s Interview!

    2. Thank you, Mark for all your reactions and shining a light on 4th Impact! It is reactors who keep the light shining on the brightest stars!

    1. Thanks so much Vi! Your enthusiasm for their certain rise to success and beyond is gratifying. And when they do come to the USA, I know that they are going to be bowled over by the fact that you probably ran into them in 2013 in Moorpark!

  9. Thank You, Vi this is an exciting time for all us dreamers! We are all Waiting on what I know will be the first in a string of hit songs!

  10. Our heartfelt thanks, Philip, for making 4th Impact so star struck with the ideas of endless possibilities of success. We dreamers have known this for so long, but to have you in the entertainment and media industry here leading them through the maze…words are not plentiful enough, but their look of being totally grateful to you is!

    1. I agree Gary, I want to thank you and Phillip for showing such care and love for the girls and allowing me to be part of the team and share my love for these ladies and their talents. It is a story of perseverance and faith that needs to be heard!

  11. 4th Impact is the inspiration that has given me the strength to rise above my trials and tribulations! Dreamers, I apologize for not attending live streams. It isn’t possible due to data limitations on my service. I have followed and supported them for years, and to finally, after overcoming every obstacle thrown in their path, to actually see their dreams coming true before my eyes is almost overwhelming. Thank you Sir Gary, Sir Neil, and Sir Philip for promoting the sisters and keeping us informed. I will be watching closely for news on the undoubtedly incredible original music that every one of us is dying to hear!!

    1. Thank you, Daddy Nunya for being a longtime supporter of these lovely ladies. You are correct this is a long time coming for their original music. I know once the world hears it, they are going to explode onto the music scene. So happy you enjoy the articles, and we are trying to explain the reasons why these ladies are so lovable and talented!

    2. I know that 4th Impact is gratified to you for being there for them all these years! Your boundless energy and zeal means the world to them because it adds to their own. They can feel their time is coming and they’re not giving lip service to meeting us all to thank us for that belief in them.

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