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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Celebrating our very First Anniversary of the Blogs/Articles, March 27, 2021-March 27, 2022…fittingly at the 4th Impact Livestream!  

Many hours researching, many on zoom, many Dreamer friends helping us…and Many More To Come!  
Thank you for your support on our 42nd publication, for our JOURNEY TOGETHER, 4TH IMPACT AND THE DREAMERS! 


Forever your Friends…Philip, Neal and Gary

There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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37 thoughts on “DREAMS DO COME TRUE

  1. It is time for dreams to be realized! Our Dollies are finally in a niche that suits them to a tee, happy that Show BT found them and recognized their worth! Now maybe we can begin a new era for 4th Impact, where they reigning champions as Ppop Queens. Well done ladies, my hats off to you!

    1. Steven well said these ladies have been working for this their whole life! It is about time they are finally get the recognition they have earned! Ppop Queens for sure, But then again we dreamers already knew that!

    2. You got it right on the head, Steven! Show BT had to get used to the idea that the Dollies wanted the contract on their terms before they would sign, instead of the other way around! But now the company realizes the bonanza that they signed, that these are truly the talent that surpasses all definitions! Thanks so much for your support of them!

  2. Gary, Neal, &Philip thank you so much for these articles. Yes Dreams do come true. So proud of these ladies. They deserve all this success. Much love and prayers to all dreamers.

    1. Beth, we are so happy that you became their supporter. You express what you feel so eloquently because it’s what these ladies are. However not all reactors can come with these superlatives. It’s easy for Neal and I to write about who we finally found and believe in. And then there’s Philip who donates his time in laying these out even near midnight He can feel their uniqueness and is inspired by them like no other artist he has ever interacted with.

  3. 4th Impact deserves to shine big! What an amazing song! The vocals, harmonies, choreography and visuals are outstanding. The energy and story behind the song will give you goosebumps! They are back and are here to take on the world. Support them any way you can. Vote for them on song if the week channel RRadio.

    1. Thank you Kurt! Every facet of this song is magnified by these fantastic ladies; they re-define what choreography, harmonies and visuals mean in music. Thanks for your support!!

  4. 4th Impact deserves to shine big! What an amazing song! The vocals, harmonies, choreography and visuals are outstanding. The energy and story behind the song will give you goosebumps! They are back and are here to take on the world. Support them any way you can.

    1. These ladies are amazing. They don’t let nothing stop them. When the pandemic hit they lost all their shows. So these young ladies decided to do a live stream to keep their name out there and support their family. I think there first live stream was 20 something minutes. From there till now these young ladies has faced real life struggles. First is trying to paid the bills to keep their heads above water. I think we all can understand that. Second having to fight COVID. Their Mom and Dad was hospitalized. Their Mom really had a fight on her hands but God still had plans for her. She beat the COVID. There Dad did to.
      To tell you how smart these ladies are Since the first live stream they have payed their bills, cut a original song ” K(NO)W MORE ” and put it out there on the market. Built their own studio called 4th Impact Studios. Covered numerous songs. Over a million views for ” Leave the door open ” by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. Bought them a new home after their landlord wanted to double their rent. They have signed with a Management Company ShowBT and now have cut their first original song “Here We Go “. Plus they are now signed under Sony label. Since I’m a old Marine there’s a saying we had in the USMC and it fits these ladies perfectly. ” You Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.” Job well done ladies. I salute you. I’m so proud of you all. ” Here We Go “. On the road to 1 million views. Love ya’ll.

      1. David, you are so right there is nothing that stops these girls! They surely have that never say die attitude and just keep moving forward. It is about time they are getting the recognition they deserve! I think all Dreamers are very proud at this moment!

      2. David, you’re so descriptive. I remember that first livestream using their home unsteady WiFi and strobe lights, trying and hoping that their dreamers would connect with them. And we were so enamored of them that our love not only paid their bills, but made a studio like no other artist every has had on their own! Now with the increasing amount of genres, and creating their own genre with this new song, there’s going to be other artists wanting their direction and wanting to rent their studio…anything to emulate them! Jut think, all those covers they did better than the original artist…it’s all coming back to them exponentially so they can explode and show the World. Having Sonyt distribute them as Show BT has done gjves credence to everyone else and now “it’s our time to shine” as they have said!

    2. Thank you, Kurt, Yes these ladies are the best the world has to offer and in so many ways! Now they can add song writing to their resume!

    3. Kurt, that energy that they just bust out with just makes all other artists look like they’re standing still, or going through the motions at best! Thank you for your support of them!

  5. 4th Impact deserves to shine big! What an amazing song! The vocals, harmonies, choreography and visuals are outstanding. The energy and story behind the song will give you goosebumps! They are back and are here to take on the world.

    1. Yes, Kurt the story here is unfamiliar to the rest of the world besides us dreamers. It will make the rest of the world stand up and realize what they have been missing in their lives! Thanks so much for supporting them!

  6. 4th Impact deserves to shine big! What an amazing song! Their new release gas everything. The energy and story behind the song will give you goosebumps! They are back and are here to take on the world.

    1. Kurt, you’ve used goosebumps exactly the same way that Mira and Ivy have said to me in reading these articles!

    2. Yes you are entirely right on Kurt, that the World actually looks like they don’t know what hit them! You’ve seen a reactor today who knows 4th Impact, have to replay the video in total amazement1

  7. What an amazing song! Their new release has everything. The energy and story behind the song will give you goosebumps! They are back and are here to take on the world.

  8. Thank you for all the effort you make to get the message across. Congratulations on the anniversary of the publications. The queens are here!

    1. Thank you for enjoying the articles, Gustavo! I t is just our little way of promoting the ladies and getting the word out there!

    2. Thank you Gustavo for giving these articles life by reading and sharing so much! This first annivesary feels unreal, because none of us can believe that it’s already one year!

  9. HERE WE GO, Dreamers!!
    Let’s vote daily and also buy the single album.
    Congratulations Philip, Gary and Neal on first anniversary!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thank you, Marcelo for always being there for our ladies! You are a true dreamer and friend! Many more articles too come!

    2. Yes Marcelo! Voting 4-5 times daily on Channel R and on MYX is going to expose them to huge numbers of people hungry for a different and utterly unmatched sound…the singles album will rewrite history. Thank you for the 1st anniversary wishes-a very short year because of the love of our fellow Dreamers, including you my Friend!

  10. Happy anniversary, Gary, Philip and Neal. Great articles all year long. You have promoted the girls every step of the way. I’d have to say, after seeing them with all the other groups at the PPOP Convention pre-show, 4TH IMPACT (& SB19), are so much more mature than the other groups, and handled themselves in the humbled way they are. Now looking forward to the CONCERT. Thanks again for all you guys do..

    1. Thanks, Michael I agree the ladies have that extra something that only experience can bring. I am looking forward to the concert also it is time for 4th Impact to show the other groups and the world what Ppop queens look and sound like!

    2. Thank you for your kindness Michael. Obviously it’s pretty easy to write about the greatest group in the World, but really hard to find enough superlatives! I don’t think those other groups in PPop will ever catch up because they do not have the drive to succeed as a Family like the girls do.

  11. Sir Gary, Sir Philip, Sir Neil thank you for all the hard work you have put in to produce these incredible articles for the sisters!!! The sisters really appreciate it and I know every Dreamer does also!!!!
    Seeing that crowd of Filipinos outside the Wish bus, cheering and screaming for our girls was almost overwhelming!! I mean that literally and physically!!! The sisters are so proud to be Filipino and it seemed that none of their countrymen even knew who they were or that they still lived in the Philippines!!
    Now to see them finally getting the recognition and the acknowledgement is miraculous!!! If you asked them how it feels I bet they would say”Like floating in the air””Like a dream come true”!!! No one deserves it more!!!! Love you 4th Impact!!!!!

    1. I know how you feel Daddy Nunya! Seeing the video brought a tear to my eyes I was bursting with pride! I agree with you I can’t believe how many of their countrymen are now just discovering the girls! But as with everything the important thing is they now know the girls are here and are here to stay! Thanks for enjoying the articles more to come my friend!

    2. What really affected me, Daddy Nunya, was seeing all those lights lined up on either side of the bus, representing those with their phone lights on. When I pointed that to a fledgling dreamer in Portland and another in So. CA, they almost flipped! They know from my telling them that the girls have been kept repressed by that vengeful person all these years, but were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for the girls by their own kababayans. Even more so at PPop! They thought it would be only 186 phone lights from the one balcony section, but thousands of lights instead flipped on! That is a sight that they and us dreamers will never forget!

  12. Thanks for these articles guys. These girls have been superstars for years, but for some reason no one noticed. They are true harmony queens and very faithful. They have always been very humble. Very glad someone finally noticed their talent, and their personalities, and are getting them the recognition they deserve. They are definitely superstars and now the world will get to see it. They are so proud of their country and just want to make it proud. Me, and a lot of others that found you years ago, are very proud of you girls. You had a dream and you stuck it out. I would like to thank your dreamers also, they are very special people and will always be with you. This is the start of a new chapter in your life ladies, enjoy it.

    1. James you are right on these ladies are finally getting the support they need from their countrymen! The articles are just our little way of giving back to the girls for all they have given us! It is about the time the girls are getting the recognition they deserve! They have worked all their lives for this moment it is time for our girls to show the world why 4th Impact are the Queens of all girl groups, and they are here to stay!

    2. Thank you James, for never losing faith, just like the girls have never wavered in believing that this day would come. We have wondered what happened to the hundreds of thousands of subscribers from the past, but the dreamers like us who remain are as you say, special just like the girls that we identify with. And as you said, it is just the beginning of the volumes of chapters to come!

    1. It feels, Mark, like they will become a living legend…and thank you for helping them get them that exposure that will endear them to all.

  13. Thank you Philip Garcia, for your recognizing that these girls are special beyond belief. And for being an Dreamer who means so much to the girls, because you were the first real USA one in the entertainment industry to promote and believe in them. That Neal and I are able to have your back to ride on and exult in what is happening is just as Irene said in your Interview, belongs in a book “for the ages”!

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