5 Ways to Really Succeed in Live Streams

by Buster01

Learn how to build a personal connection with your fans.

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In a very recent, wildly successful 4th Impact 6th Anniversary Livestream, one of the many and generous tippers said on the tip message:  “6 years of the Very Best Singers and 6 Years of the Very Best Friends!”  

This was to celebrate the anniversary of an event like no other when they broke out suddenly on X-Factor UK as an unknown and just took the UK by storm In the ensuing months.

Obviously one needs to earn this fantastic accolade…but who says that one can’t start now

4th Impact started in April 2020 with livestreams…

from home, panicked that their all of their gigs and concerts were cancelled, and they are the breadwinners of the Family    So where was rent on their apartment and payments on their cars going to come from, much less food on the table?  

They started with their home WiFi & karaoke mics in a bedroom

hoping that at least some of their Dreamer fans would be kind enough to help them out, but did they just ask for money and dress flamboyantly?  NO…and here are just a few of the tips gleaned by the author, one of their Dreamer fans (recent mind you-only 1.5 years)

1.   How Often Should Really Smile?

Always smile. 🤗

The world seems like a brighter place no matter what when you genuinely smile-not a huge flashing one, but friendly.  There will be someone out there who really needs that smile from you!

Radiate the feeling that you want to be actual friends with your audience-no you don’t see them and you have no idea of their personality, but we all want friends, and so does your audience!

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2. How Do You Engage in the LIVE Chat?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

If someone in the chat says it’s their birthday today (or next week!), do more than say “oh, that’s nice”.  Maybe you don’t have to sing the birthday song unless you want to, but ask them something unexpected like “what was your favorite thing about your last birthday?”  If they don’t want to say so, try another tact like “what is the ideal weather for your birthday?”

This obviously holds true for an anniversary!  But if it’s a wedding then ask them if they also celebrate their “first date”  

3. How Do You Greet Your Audience?

Acknowledge and give credit…

to your viewers for being there by looking at the # and saying “thank you so much for your time in being here, “it means so much to me” (and remember that smile), and “because of you we’re on the road to ___viewers!  Pick a # that is the next 50 or 100 in size, even if there are only 10 of you there. You never know who they invite!  

(for example: in the 4th Impact LIVE Stream, early on there were 90, but did they pout and ask where everyone was?  They knew their fans are in all different time zones…towards the middle they had nearly 700 attendees, which they totally expressed their happiness with (that was a record), smiling and singing impromptu. 

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4. Learn How to Show Them You Really Care

Express sympathy and condolences…

with any unfortunate instance. It might be a pet that doesn’t feel important to you however, it very definitely is to that fan who made time to be on your LIVE stream and needs a virtual hug or shoulder!  

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5. What Makes You Stand Out?

How inviting is your space?

If you are in a bedroom, decorate the back or side wall in a simple fashion with something that tells people maybe what you are thinking or the picture of some natural scenery that is a little known national monument or natural area. 


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