4th Impact: The Reigning Queens of Inspiration

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Watch the fun and inspiring conversation from the ladies that remind us to Dream BIG!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

How exactly did AlmiraIreneMylene and Celina make the dream work?             

Watch the exciting interview as Philip Garcia and Haven Everly reveal the hidden trivia from 4th Impact themselves!

This is why DREAMERS love and respect these Four humble ladies!   

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6 thoughts on “4th Impact: The Reigning Queens of Inspiration

    1. Thank you Duncan! It is so much fun and and with so much love for them is the reason why we do these articles.

  1. That’s was great. And more like this please.
    We want to know more about 4i <3

    Thank you for this useful article.

  2. I am a fan of these beautiful ladies with the greatest harmonies ever and instead

    Individually can be a solo artist but they would rather sing with their sisters.

    1. Expressed so well Patrick! They support each other and they know that being synergistic is more than the sum of each one of them. They were born to this as they say, and we dreamers are so fortunate to be here…we need to spread the word all over the planet so it can be a better place.

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