4th Impact Skyrockets BIG in the USA!

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What do our 4 ladies from the Philippines 4TH IMPACT do when relationships end? They create a song about it!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

See how Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina share their feelings and come up with a Women Empowerment Anthem and say to the World K(NO)W MORE!

Sometimes heartbreak leads to inspiration, and a hit song!

That seems to be the case as K(NO)W MORE gets air play on US radio stations, and is nominated for SONG OF THE WEEK on CHANNELR in Seattle, WA.



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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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10 thoughts on “4th Impact Skyrockets BIG in the USA!

  1. Awesome news they certainly deserve song of the week. Please review their cover of leave the door open in you tube, it will leave you amazed of their performance and beautiful voices.

    1. Hi Kurt! Did you see the Reaction to Leave the Door Open by Philip Garcia and yours truly on YouTube? Gary (buster01)

  2. Thanks for the support and updates, these ladies deserve to be heard and all the rewards of all the hard work and all the entertainment they give to all their fans.

  3. Hey Philip! It’s always good to see the things you do for the ladies of 4th Impact! Being a staunch fan and Dreamer myself, I do what I can for these lovely talented ladies , Gary Asano sent me this today so I had to react to it of course!

    1. Cecily, thanks for appreciating! Look for the more than 12 other posts about 4th Impact! Best of all, you can experience them and be awed at 4thimpact.live on Sat/Sun. at 5-8 AM PST…every bit of 3 hrs!

    1. Thank so much Blaine! Many other posts about 4th Impact on this site! Best of all, see them live at their fantastic livestreams at 4thimpact.live on Sat/Sun at 5-8 AM PST. You will never be the same!

    1. Enrique, so glad you didn’t hold back! This author has work in the Library of Congress, and is co-author on more than 12 other posts here plus sole author again of the January 7th one. To see 4th Impact live, see their fantastic livestream at 4thimpact.live on Sat/Sun. at 5-8 AM. Guaranteed you will be totally awed of them!

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