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Gette (pronounced as Jet), a Filipino-born Bruneian pop and RNB singer is a shooting star. She’s making a comeback with her latest single as a thriving millennial who has gone through a lot; from being a teeny bopper singer and today re-shaping her image as an artist who has a lot to express with her music.

“Penuh dengan Mimpi” is the title which means Full of Dreams. Growing up, Gette has always been portrayed as a sweet teenager who has big dreams to be a singer and is born with a belter voice but as she entered showbiz, her dreams had a lot of segues.

Hear her out, as Gette shares her struggles and pushes herself to be a better person day in day out in achieving her dreams through her rendition.

“Aku akan pergi. Penuh dengan mimpi.”

When the going gets tough, “Penuh Dengan Mimpi” will give you all the vibes that would make you just want to go and get that dream of yours into a reality. Be a “Go Getter!” that’s what Gette wants to emphasize in her single, “Penuh Dengan Mimpi”.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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