Inanna Stands for Animal Rights with her Latest Single “The Machine”

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Purposeful, empowering and full of hope!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After the release of her one-of-a-kind environmentalist album “Acrotopia”, eco-pop artist Inanna, LA-based activist singer of Italian origins, releases the music video for her monumental track “The Machine”. Co-directed with fellow animal rights advocate and creative Talita Trygsland, the video is an allegorical take on factory farms and our alienation from inner and outer nature.

With a majestic, dark beauty, the epic song swings the doors open to hidden places of contemporary meat culture, letting us experience it from the point of view of an animal trapped in the machinery heartless industrial objectification. In a reference to Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, where the helpless protagonist is pulled by a conveyor belt into an industrial mechanism, the video opens with Inanna entangled in an oversized gear, in a red dress spilling out over the floor around the merciless cogwheel.

Marked out as a victim, in the next scene Inanna moves desperately among unfeeling people, butchers who block her attempts to free herself, deaf to her appeals for mercy or help, themselves parts of an impersonal and unyielding machinery. The black and white aesthetics, evocative of German Expressionist films like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, continues in a third segment where Inanna performs among burnt-out trees, a reference to the environmental losses that go with intensive animal agriculture around the world. Inanna’s hypnotic performance and the journey of the video culminates in a simple image of escape and redemption, a single animal rescued in Inanna’s hands, where color and life return along with the liberating air of the outdoors. Making a strong activist statement through a gripping audiovisual experience, Inanna makes sure you come out of The Machine shaken, moved and anything but indifferent.

“I firmly believe that all forms of art have an incredible capacity to drive change and create awareness, even about difficult issues such as animal exploitation. This video, inspired by some of my favorite movies of the silent era, wants to be an allegorical representation of the treatment of animals in factory farms and forests burnt by human activity. It is a dark video for a dark and emotional song, but it also includes a message of hope and a colorful fragment where we can catch a glimpse of a possible future where humans and animals live and thrive together. Both song and video want to witness what happens, but they also want to celebrate life and individuality of all Earthlings”.


Inanna has been advocating for veganism and environmentalism since the start of her new music trajectory, entirely dedicated to nature, animals and the future of planet Earth. She has reached more than 300k views on her YouTube channel and her growing fan-base includes both alternative music lovers and animalists, environmentalists, activists from all over the world.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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