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Stunning and Empowering yet Fearless!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Maymay Entrata, Philippines’s young superstar, recently graced the music industry and trumped the whole world with her definition of self worth. Her new song title is inspired from a Filipino slang, Kabog, which means ‘show-off’.

“Amakabogera” is the title of Maymay’s new song and it defies the beauty standards that we have been looking up to in society. When read at one breath, Amakabogera can also be read as:

Imma Kabog Era which also means Imma trump and pave the way of this era towards accepting my true self.”

Imma (Urban slang for I’m going to)


It’s a give away for boosting one’s confidence and breaking the standards being set in society. From being accepted all the way to loving our own self.

In an interview, Maymay admits that she had to find help to boost her confidence and perform this song well especially when she recently had to perform live on Wish 107.5. Watch this music video to see what “Amakabogera” is all about.

“Isuot ang ‘yong korona’t kumaway na parang reyna. Ako’y magiging ako na aking ginusto”

True enough, Maymay’s performance of “Amakabogera”, has really put her on the map of the music industry. At first, she started as an actress, host, dancer and model but now she is a total performer as this girl can definitely belt out a note with an intention of spreading self love and charisma.

Start streaming “Amakabogera” right here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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