Conan Gray’s “Astronomy” – A Heartbreak Song

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Fragile, deep, and full of emotions!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

American singer-songwriter Conan Gray touches our hearts as he performs his single “Astronomy”.

Astronomy is about a painful but slow process of being apart from someone special. The moment where you both no longer feel like you live in the same world and is now slowly fading away from each other without any reason. That was painful tbh!

This song is definitely intriguing from the very first part until the end, a roller coaster of emotions!

“Astronomy” Music Video:

“We’ve seen everything from Saturn to Mars. As much as it seems like you own my heart. It’s astronomy.. we’re two worlds apart.”

Conan looks at how one day, you just open your eyes and boom! You see your partner in a different way and realize that you no longer know them like you do before.

Gray undeniably knows how to target our hearts and trigger our emotions with his words and sound. With the guitar strums, and piano layering, he soothingly tells us a story of heartbreak.

And yes, the worst heartbreaks are unquestionably those that happen slowly without any fight!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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