The Marvel of 4th Impact’s Amazing LIVESTREAMS!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why call it a Marvel?  It’s only Singing, right?

from their 2020 Super Hero LIVESTREAM

Let’s visit a recent show to See and Hearwhy Each 4th Impact Livestream has its’ own storyline…

Listen to them!…

It’s not just an Introduction, they are totally at ease with their Dreamers!!


Happy Birthday Wishes
(to UK dreamer, Mississippi reactor)

“Shoutout to Canada”- Just one of many, including California, Korea, UK, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Japan, and almost every country you can think of on the globe! 🌎

4th Impact with SB19

 “All these years, we promised ourselves to give our parents their own house”

So Then What Happened?

And Did they Celebrate Quietly? 

We Believe in These Sisters because they’re the only group in the World Who Inspire Us Each Day!
They Share their Hopes & Emotions with Us All.
Truly Humble and Thankful!
Sir Gary (4th Impact Dreamer)

“we want to be a living testimony that dreams really do come true”

What happened at the BANK?

LIVE CHAT: “The Bank Can’t Believe It… Amazed because of the Dreamers support!”  

Check out how so alive these Sisters are at creating:

**Acknowledgement to Dreamer WH for permission to utilize the videos



Tune into to 4th Impact’s Livestream on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 PM PH/ 5 AM PST at YouTube 4TH IMPACT LIVE (tips accepted)

There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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23 thoughts on “The Marvel of 4th Impact’s Amazing LIVESTREAMS!

  1. Diese Schwestern sind eine Inspiration für all. sie können nicht nur singen und tanzen, sie haben auch ein offenes Ohr wenn Mal einer ihrer Fans ( Träumer) sorgen haben. dann finden Sir immer eine passende Antwort. ich bin stolz ein Teil der Träumer Familie zu sein.

  2. These sisters are an inspiration for everyone. They can not only sing and dance, they also have an open ear when one of their fans (dreamers) has worries. then sir will always find a suitable answer. i am proud to be part of the dreamer family .

    1. Thank you Ssab, for your words that describe so well their inner beauty, that will make the rest of the World become Dreamers very soon.

    2. I know I’m a blessed Dreamer ,coz I have had the Chance to met them Live! 😊😇 was in August 2019 when they came to Germany they are invited by the Departement of Tourism Philippines and the Touristic Buero Frankfurt. From Friday 23. to Sunday 25. they give three Shows on the biggest stage of the Museumsuferfest…that is a very big Event with over 3 Million Visitors in three days .I heard that they made a Promotion gig in the Front of an Thomas Cook Touristic Shop and so I wenn there and that was the first Time I saw them Live .I never believe that they come to Germany and for me it was so like you are in the middle of a Dream. (you can watch that on Irenes you tube Chanel in her Frankfurt Vlog ) they sing three Songs there and at last Bang Bang ..I was flatterted it was afternoon and before they start to sing I had the Chance für a little Smalltalk with them …later on I saw them Live in a big Show .It was fantastic…on Saturday I saw them again on that big stage and after this Show I say goodby to the Family coz on Sunday I must go home …I drove 560km in 7h only to see them Live bit it was the best thing I ever did …never met such kind peoples before and I wish that every Dreamer around the world become the Chance to meet them Live .Stay excited and never give up this dream then one Day it come true .look at me ,miracles come fast if you never stop dreaming .I’m proud to be a Dreamer and Patreon of these wonderfull Girl Band …stay saved and take care allways…
      Andi Ehlers (Dreamer)

      1. Thank you Andi, for relating an incredible experience that obviously influenced your life forever. I too hope to meet them at some point in time, but for now their personal touch in the livestream is more than any other artist can even envision.

  3. The Dreamers truly are a family! As a whole, the nicest, most kind, and generous people I have ever met! From counties all over the world, speaking countless different languages, but the key that binds us is our love for, and the inspiration provided by these incredible sisters!! They have shined a light into my darkest days and given me the strength to keep going with their beautiful music and the example set by their never say die attitude, while refusing to compromise their beliefs as a shortcut to reaching their dream!!! With the right publicity these sisters could inspire the entire world!!!! Thank you, Buster01, for the amazing articles and for everything else you do supporting these sisters!!!! You are one of the nicest, most kind, and generous people I have ever met!!!! Wow!!!! Look at that, you are the very definition of what it is to be a Dreamer!!!!!

  4. The amazing 4th Impact can draw every emotion imaginable out of the viewer and listener at any time. Their ‘connection’ to the song they are performing comes straight from their heart and soul and ultimately straight to everyone they are performing for and to. I don’t know of any other group that connects with their audience at live shows like these talented and beautiful young women. I know it is easy for them because of their personality and because their fans welcome that moment to be near them. Thank you Philip, Gary and Neal for these articles, you are presenting a different view of what they are capable of and do every time they pick up a mic. The ‘Dreamer’ family is a special group of people from all over the world with one thing in common….”4th Impact”. I hope that 2022 is their ‘break out’ year and they take the world by storm. Imagine your next interview with 4th Impact Philip, maybe while they are on a world tour….!!!!! Thanks again Philip for your support of 4th Impact and Gary and Neal, thank you for your time and efforts to continue to promote these amazing ladies.

    1. Hi Ken, Thank you for these words. 2022 will be the Year that the World is grateful for their example!

  5. That was awesome article about our dollies again. Loved reading this article <3 I hope you continue to make like this article. And really enjoy it.

    Thumbs up for buster01 and Neal Owen

    1. Thank you so much KC! Since you have known them for over 15 years…you are the expert on realizing this is really them.

  6. Thank you Gary Asano and Neal Owen for continued support with this article and Philip Garcia with your reactions and articles of our ladies, 4TH IMPACT. I have, and always will, refer to the ladies of 4TH IMPACT as MUSIC GENIUS. Their music speaks for itself, but the kindness they share and their belief that faith can move mountains, makes them so unique. That is why we Dreamers continue to support them on their Livestreams and to the day when they are headliners on tour. When they are introduced as a new group, we will have already known for years who they are and where they have been. Hard working ladies trying to make a better life for their parents and family through something they love to do, SING & ENTERTAIN

    1. Michael, my Friend, we are the most fortunate in the World. And these Ladies are our Friends for life!

  7. I would personally like to thank Philip, Gary and Neil for there continued support to 4th Impact
    I have followed these fantastic ladies since there X factor days. The more I have gotten to know them the more I am amazed by there humility, there beliefs, there sense of family and above all there talent.
    I believe that 2022 is the year if 4th Impact

    1. Many thanks Duncan my Friend! It is a certainty that in very short order, these Ladies will be the basis of required textbooks in self-improvement.

  8. Thank You Gary and Neal for everything You guys do, The articles are fun, entertaining, and Informative, also love the question and answer part, Great job, These Girls are on their way up and their Ain’t no stopping them now!

  9. 4th Impact’s livestreams are full of many attractions, simply the best!!!
    The girls are very close to their fans (Dreamers), they are good example of humbleness, honesty, kindness, determination and many other qualities.

    1. Thank you for these great words. They are what everyone should be and we dreamers are indeed the fortunate ones.

  10. These girls are true entertainers. They can do anything. Watching their live stream is like watching a variety show. Thanks to all the dreamers that follow these girls and for all their support. They treat their dreamers like part of their family. Watch their live streams and you will see what I mean. I promise you will be amazed. No one can beat their harmonies and their beautiful personalities. They are very special people. Thanks Philip, Gary and Neil for everything you guys do. As Marcelo said these girls are a true example of humbleness, honesty, kindness, determination and many other qualities that have been lost in today’s music, especially in the US.. There faith in God is something I am really impressed with. They pray before and after every performance. Something that has been lost in the US. I’ve been with them since X-Factor days and still can’t believe what they can do. Very proud of you girls. The world needs more people like you. You are the real thing not only as entertainers, but also as people. Thanks for all you have done for us dreamers.

    1. Thank you so much James! They are so much the epitome that we dreamers now believe that the World is already better! Just wait until more join with the Family.

  11. Thank you for the support of 4th impact these sister belong to the world. But they make you feel like your there best friend and part of there family. If your feeling down just watch 4th impact they will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

    1. Kimball, you are so very spot on! Ever since I’ve been viewing them (I am still a rookie since 2/29/20)…I’ve actually had no nightmares…not that I had them nightly, but maybe 2x per week. They are magical!

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