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Have you ever woken up and felt something was missing?
Searching for an answer or a reason.
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com
For me the reason was to believe in a beautiful world.
I have been blessed with a beautiful wife, children and grandchildren,
but my heart yearned for a purpose.

Out of nowhere and unexpectedly
There it was on my computer screen,
four little girls from the Philippines singing.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
As I listened to them, they spoke to my heart.
Without even knowing it they changed my life and made me a better person.

Watching them sing or reading something they wrote brings tears to my eyes.
Why I don't know, nor do I know to explain it.

All I know is that these feelings go way beyond fandom
and come not only from my heart but my soul.

That type of feeling that no matter what you do it is never enough.
I wrote these words because it is my way of sharing my heart to them,
because they share their heart with me.

I have been blessed by them.
All I can say to these four Angels is, they cannot see their wings
but everyone who knows them can see them!

Thank you, Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina
know this comes from my soul you always have a home in my heart!

Every Dreamer has the same sentiment about these wonderful ladies!

They bring such joy and a smile to your heart.
The humbleness they bring and their promotion of faith and family,

along with their incredible work ethic is what keeps us coming back for more.
They never give up and neither will their fans!
4th Impact lives by the Motto "If you believe it you can achieve it"

Never give up and pursue your dreams
Because nothing is Impossible with God!

**Acknowledgement to buster01 for his input



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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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32 thoughts on “A Dreamer’s Thoughts

  1. Thanks Neal you read in the hearts of dreamers, this is what it feels like to be part of the family of these beautiful girls. thanks again Neal Philip and Gary as always a great job. Grazie Mille Almira Irene Mylene Celina we love you Cercado Family

      1. Thank you Neal, your words speak a truth to all Dreamers! This is a love that goes way past fandom. At first there is always wonder then respect, then we come to know them and your life changes. The talent aside, to wit they have an abundance, it is a far deeper relationship they share with Dreamers, you become part of an ever growing family. These girl’s, Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina all wear their collective hearts on their sleeves. I am blessed to have such a large family and I have 4th Impact to thank for that
        So thank you Neal, Philip and Gary for providing this platform to show our respect and love for t
        hese beautiful women.

    1. Thanks very much Leo…Neal touched my heart with this. And I have to say this…you have touched 4th Impact’s heart with your generosity that in large part funded their studio. Everyday they can look around and be thankful. Grazie, my Friend

  2. Thanks for the new article Neal Owen. I agree that the girls of 4TH IMPACT has the same effect on me. The videos are ones I watch on a regular basis, sometimes watching them several times. We Dreamers will never give up on them as we continue to encourage them to reach their goals. I found them through my grandchildren and am forever grateful. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have been echoing these words since I can remember, that these 4 women are if fact angels. They have the ability to make one tear up, though though you may not know why! Is it the music? Is it the voices? Or is it the feeling they put into each and every song they sing? I feel it is a combination of all of these things! The make can you feel good about yourself! They can make you forget about your troubles, if only for just a moment! They can tell a story every bit as epic as one from Leo Tolstoy, leaving you wanting more! Yes, angels indeed, I see their wings and I believe they can indeed fly!

    1. Thank you, Steven, sometimes my heart just tells my hand what to write! But these girls mean a lot to me, and I am glad you can see their wings also!

    2. Steven, thanks for the Tolstoy analogy! Another song we could have used- “I Believe I Can Fly”

  4. I originally became a fan and a supporter of 4th Impact, because I love harmony, and these four songbirds produce the most exquisite harmonies of any girl group I’ve ever heard – not just beautiful, but filled with power and emotion and a soul-stirring quality that can bring tears to your eyes. So, I started supporting them on Patreon, with the goal of helping them put original songs out into the world, in order to make my ears happy. But, something unexpected happened along the way. In the course of listening to them talk about what was going on in their lives (during their live stream shows, every weekend) and reading their sometimes amusing, sometimes deeply personal posts in their Patreon accounts, I got to know them as real people. And they turned out to be friendly, sincere, open, humble, highly grateful, extremely funny and enormously likable women who wear their hearts on their sleeves, know many of us by name, and make all of us feel like part of one large family. The end result is that we Dreamers root passionately for their success, not just because we love their music, but also because we have developed a bond with them and care deeply about what happens to them.

    1. Thanks David, you are so right they are like family! I always loved 50’s music and their harmonies remind me of that era!

    2. David, the connection we all have, created by them, is interwoven in everything they do.

  5. Wonderfully written Neal!! 4th Impact is the Whole package and the World will soon see what they are all about!! Beautiful, Entertaining, Funny and all-around Very talented!!!❤❤❤❤

    1. Thank you Pam, I just write what my heart says is the truth! Let’s hope this is soon the world could use some 4th impact magic!

    2. Pam, you are so right that Neal has created a 3D image that we all love and the World will embrace it.

    1. Thank you Philip, for creating this corner of the World that will expand exponentially

  6. I fell in love with these sisters when I saw them all praying together before their 2015 X Factor audition! I watched reactions occasionally, never commenting or requesting. About a year before the pandemic hit my life started going downhill. Hernia operation, almost dying from diabetes, I didn’t know I had, and then a heart attack. The Pandemic made things worse. I lost my mother to it, and my son has left home and I haven’t heard from him in months. I don’t have electricity and had to get foodstamps to eat. These sisters and their beautiful souls, as well as their beautiful music is the light that has given me the strength to keep going!!! From the start of my fall, even though I couldn’t help financially, I have made it a mission to request an comment on reactions to their music!!! I love them and could not be prouder of their growing success if they were my own daughters!!! 4th Impact, you can light up the whole world just like you light up my life!!!!

    1. Thank you Wade, for your support to these Angels hope you are doing better and happy that the girls have helped heal your heart!

    2. Daddy Nunya, your words are so valued that they form a ladder that the sisters can ascend to the Top.

  7. WOW Neil what you have said in this article is what we all feel but are unable to put into words , thank you so much for taking the time to write this and say what we all think and feel

    1. Duncan, I wish I could write this eloquently too, but then you, I and Neal would not be the individuals that the sisters treasure so much.

  8. thanks Duncan, Glad I am not alone in feeling this way LOL! I blame my heart for telling my head what to write!

    1. Thanks very much Brett! They are every bit of what Neal says. Come to the livestream on Sat/Sun 5-8A at 4thimpact.live to see them

    2. Hey Brett, thanks for the comment. You can see our other colleagues like Tina, Gloria, Diane C, in other articles.

  9. Neal: Well written! A lot of the Dreamers I have talked to have had the same amazing experience, how quickly these 4 girls entered my heart, and like You said “way beyond fandom, I also can’t explain it, They changed my life as well as many others (for the good) Their Faith and Family values are infectious and I love their “Work more hard” attitude. Thank you for this Article.

    1. Hi Scott, when I read the first draft, it created tears of pure joy and thankfulness that the here and now exists.

  10. We all feel the words that Neal Owen does so well! Please share this article to every dreamer so that they too can show the sisters how much we love them for who they are and what they obviously will become…the inspiration for the World to heal and be a better place than ever before!

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