Dreamers!! What happens when…

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 the Ladies of 4TH IMPACT

take song requests regularly during their Livestreams and sing on the fly!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

These special ladies can sing multiple genre’s and in multiple languages to perfection! From Korean POP


to the LEGENDARY hit song:

Every musical taste…4th Impact does it all. From the classics to tomorrow.

Thank you for inspiring us to DREAM BIG and join the excitement! 

2022 will be the Year of 4th Impact!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

**Acknowledgement to Dreamer KC for photo content.





Tune into to 4th Impact’s Livestream on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 PM PH/ 5 AM PST at YouTube 4TH IMPACT LIVE (tips accepted)

There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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18 thoughts on “Dreamers!! What happens when…

  1. Not only can the sisters sing any genre of music and do it well, but with Mylene arranging the vocals and constructing the harmonies, they can generally surpass the original!!
    Another great article!! Thank you, Sir Gary for all you do for the sisters, and everyone else!!!

    1. Thanks Daddy Nunya! Actually I’m waiting for the day that other artists will be trying to do a cover of what Mylene arranged! Your kind words are so appreciated, but it’s a joint effort of all three of us.

    2. I agree Daddy Nunya the sound they create with the power in their voices and the Harmonies they produce make their versions of songs often better than the originals

  2. Great Article, Loved the Bonus question, It just may get people to look deeper into the career of 4th Impact and maybe even go down the Rabbit Hole as I did. Thanks Guys.

    Dreamer Scott

    1. Thanks Scott, for your great comment! I was hoping that bonus question would cause a lot of chin rubbing. Now I’m hoping those videos will get a lot more views!

    2. Thanks Scott I hope that more people discover 4th Impact and go down that rabbit hole! I know when they do there will be coming out, they will be hooked!

  3. There is no doubt Mylene is an arrangement prodigy. She lives and breathes music. She hears a new song and the gears start turning. She places the lyrics to the voices and voila, like magic you have a new owner to an old song. You know you have something special when the covers you produce are indeed better than the original, this seems to be the case much of the time when 4th Impact adopts a song. Imagine if you will, you have now created some of the very best cover tracks in the world, now you start creating music with the knowledge you have gleaned over 21 years of study and put it to use in creating your own music. You know that you are going to become an artist other artists will look to for great things. Tbis is my prophecy for these 4 women; Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina.

    1. I agree Steven these ladies are something special! I believe also one day they will be rearranging 4th Impact’s songs! The top is where these ladies belong, I believe there are Grammy’s in their future!

    2. Steven, thanks for your vivid imagery! I think that very soon, there will be artists doing a cover to Mylene’s re-arranged one. Fascination with true art never gets old!

  4. Another nice article on these girls. Soon the world is going to discover and realize what they have been missing out on with these wonderful four ladies of 4th Impact!

    1. Thanks so much, Marshall, for adding those invaluable vocabulary words to describe them! Dreamers never tire of Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina!

    2. Thanks Marshall, hopefully these articles can bring in new fans and create a buzz around the beautiful and talented ladies they so richly deserve!

  5. Neal, Dreamers look forward and appreciate new articles written by you and Gary and your love for 4th Impact is greatly appreciated. I want to say something to you Philip. I have watched many of your reactions and I see your ‘love for 4th Impact’ in your eyes and expressions with every reaction to them. I have thought “I would enjoy talking with Philip about 4th Impact”. I’m sure you would have so much to say and share thru both professional and personal lenses. I also know that it is YOU and YOUR platform that allows Gary and Neal to present these amazing young women in this manner and for that I want to say ‘thank you’ for everything you do for 4th Impact and Dreamer’s everywhere. Take a bow Philip, you deserve it…!!!!

    1. Many thanks to your giving credit to Philip! I’ve learned to write better, think better and actually discover things about 4th Impact I didn’t know before, even on the Interview!

    2. Thanks Ken I know how much you love the girls also, guess they just have that effect on people! Phillip deserves major kudos as he is the mastermind behind the platform and Gary, I owe big time for letting me help with the articles I owe them both my gratitude! We just try to get new people introduced to the girls! We try to write what’s in our hearts because the girls are always there! Thank you for dreamers like you Ken!

  6. A very special and heartfelt Thank You to Philip for creating visibility for 4th Impact in So. CA and making Dreamers everywhere so very enthralled even more enthralled with these unique and so very special Ladies! And thank you Philip for making me a better writer, and better at expressing joy with fellow Dreamers! We are all indebted to you!

    1. I agree whole heartedly Gary, Phillip has given us a great platform to show off the talent of these young ladies! Introducing this supreme talent to the world is what Phillip strives for and I will be here as long as he allows me! Thank you also Gary for allowing me to be part of this great team!

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