4th Impact Brings the Fire and the Glory!

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Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina are

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 rocking the YouTube charts with their fabulous LIVE stream shows and energetic dances!

What’s next? Comedy hour?
Yep! Watch this and try not to 😂

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Wait… they’ve got a dope
RAP FLOW too! 🔥

Their YouTube channel is truly filled with a spirit of Humility, Faith and empowering Family values.

Rating: 5 out of 5.





Tune into to 4th Impact’s Livestream on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 PM PH/ 5 AM PST at YouTube 4TH IMPACT LIVE (tips accepted)

There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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31 thoughts on “4th Impact Brings the Fire and the Glory!

  1. Neal and Gary, thanks for another great and fun article. The girls are so versatile, they could easily do an old fashioned “Comedy Hour Show” (I believe they call them “Reality Shows” now). 4TH IMPACT will soon have an IMPACT around the globe. Once they are exposed to the airways and the stage, everyone will wonder “where have they been?” So may promoters have missed their chance. THANK YOU CHARLES KIM and SHOWBT for recognizing our girls talents.

    1. So much thanks for being their wholehearted dreamer, Michael! I not only totally agree with you, but also note that the World will become a better place, inspired by 4th Impact Real and Wondrous Appeal!

    2. Thanks Michael these ladies make it so easy to make anything fun! You are correct it boggles my mind wondering what record companies or promoters were waiting for, but finally the world will get what they have been waiting for! Thanks for appreciating!

  2. Nothing less than the best from you guys, The questions were great (I won’t spill the tea this time) I would surely love to see a 4th Impact comedy hour, I know they could pull it off, But not sure you could stop them after only 1 hour. LOL. Thanks Gary, Neal and Philip!

    1. Thanks Scott! Not only could 4th Impact pull it off, but they will become the new standard in Real and Meaningful Comedy, that the entertainment field will want to adopt!

    2. Thanks Scott sometimes the livestreams are like the old variety shows singing dancing and comedy! These girls are about to show the world what real entertainment is!

  3. The truth is, the more we know them, the more we love them.
    Thank you Gary, Neal and Philip!!!

  4. These 4 girls are so versatile, so talented, I’ve rarely seen anything like that. they can not only sing and dance but also model and comedy. I could also imagine them as great actresses. But I’m glad they decided on the music. thank you Gary, Neal and Philipp for another great article

    1. Ssab, truer words have never been spoken! Once the World experiences them, the Arts everywhere will become a big priority in all educational systems!

    2. So right Ssab there is nothing that can slow these ladies down! their rise to the top will be swift. No stopping them now!

  5. These 4 girls are so versatile, so talented, I’ve rarely seen anything like that. they can not only sing and dance but also model and comedy. I could also imagine them as great actresses. But I’m glad they decided on the music. i love the question section. thank you Gary, Neal and Philipp for another great article

    1. So glad the question and answer section appealed to you! It’s Philip that told us to put in something that will bring laughter.

  6. Thanks Gary, Neal, Philip as always a great job, you always manage to make us excited and discover new details of our 4 wonderful girls

    1. Molta gratitudine Leo! These girls will create a new joyous art form, named after them…because the World will start gaping, totally astonished!

    2. Thanks Leo, there is never a shortage of entertainment from these ladies! The more people know these girls the more they will fall in love!

  7. The way the Filipino music industry and news media ignored the sisters for years in a crime! Now that they have signed ShowBT as a management company, they can no longer be ignored! The new house is just the beginning of many of the sisters dreams that are about to come true!! Not to mention my prayers being answered!! With my situation I am limited in keeping up with current events, but my many thanks go out to Sir Gary for taking the time from his busy schedule to keep me informed!! He is a true friend with a heart as big as the sun!!! 2022 will be the year 4th Impact takes over the world!!! Total DOMINATION!!!!

    1. Daddy Nunya, thanks for the friendship that 4th Impact inspires us to be! It makes sense for Show BT to give them the right exposure there with SB-19 1st, then showcase both to the World on a tour. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that when they hit the USA, there will be fireworks wherever they play in really short order!.

  8. You are correct Daddy Nunya Gary is a good friend and good human being! Glad we have dreamers like you, no matter what you are there to support these special sisters!

  9. Thanks Neal and Gary for your hard work constantly promoting our girls. Just know this that when they receive their first of many Grammys it will be in part of the dedication you have guys have shown. Great job with great content. 🙏❤️🚂

    1. Thank you Ed! I can’t even get it in my head to envision that scenario! I know that their certain superstardom, and seeing them so utterly happy is the ultimate itself!

    2. Thanks Ed it is truly a pleasure promoting these beautiful talented ladies! It is my way to try to give back to them what joy they have brought to my life.

    1. Great to have your thanks Mark! Yes that picture is fierce and just exemplifies the excellence they bring to their craft. I wanted to show that they put 200% into everything they do (from 8/29/15 as you know)!

  10. Thank you Philip, Gary and Neal for this and previous articles. These girls cause fascination and admiration for their multiple talents, among which is comedy, of course, I laugh a lot with them and I enjoy even more when they sing and dance. They are going to be very successful, it is what they deserve and the consequence of so much work. And although they don’t even know who I am, I feel like close relatives, they know how to make themselves loved. And THANK YOU guys, keep making more articles!

    1. Gustavo, are you kidding? They definitely know who you are, coming to every livestream and seeing you in the chat! And we are grateful for reading these articles, hoping that something here makes you laugh too1

    2. Thanks Gustavo I think the girls have that something special and make everyone feel like family. You are correct they deserve all the success that comes their way! We certainly appreciate you and all the fans who read the articles and there will be more, with these girls there is so much to share!

  11. Thanks for the article guys. I’ve been around the music business a long time. Started all the way back with Elvis and a lot of country singers before him. Even played music myself for over 30 years, I have never seen any one with the natural talent these ladies have, They can dance, sing, act and just have such personalities that sets them apart from the rest of the world, If you really want to get to know them, watch their livestreams every Saturday and Sunday mornings and I think you would be amazed. Their livestreams are free. You can send tips if you like, but you really don’t have to. Sometimes their livestreams will go 5 or 6 hours. They just love to entertain. No one can do harmonies better than these girls. I’ve been trying to introduce them to the east coast of the US. and have never shown them to a person that did not fall in love with them. Just waiting for their original music to be released, Pretty sure 2022 is going to be there year. They are such wonderful people. They are all I listen to any more. Plus they are such beautiful and funny ladies.

    1. I echo you James Garton, in 4th Impact being the only artists that I listen to…the others all feel hollow. And the west coast US is waiting to hug them, from San Diego to Seattle1 Thanks for your sincere appreciation!

    2. Thanks James, yes these girls are all around entertainers they can do it all and do it for the pure joy of making their fans happy! they are infectious, and people cannot help but fall in love with them. I also listen to them constantly they just make you smile!

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