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Morissette marries long time partner Dave Lamar.

Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette Amon finally married her long time partner and best friend, Dave Lamar. Both started as friends in their singing stints on the first season of The Voice, Philippines 2013.

It was only last month in January 2022, where both the singer-writer and composer, revealed through an IG post that they have been married for quite a while. The couple even released an EP album in celebration of their union.

Listen to their love story as they explained through their album, ‘From The Sea’, which is the music in their wedding video.

“Dancing in spaces. Finding my safe place with you.”

From the music and lyrics in itself, you’d be able to resonate that the newly weds, are very much aware that there is no such thing as a perfect love story. They’ve had their share of ups and downs from being in a long-distance relationship to compromising with each other’s differences but one thing’s for sure they are both ready to take the challenges and live the best life they can together.

What did Morissette do to fight for her love for Dave?

When did she find out Dave was her soulmate?

How far would you go for your soulmate?

The answers lay in their song, Listen !

Love is like getting to a place where you’ll float because love is a process.

Here’s the behind the scene of the album, ‘From the Sea’. Morisette’s singer – composer husband, Dave, was the one who personally produced this album alongside with the Phoenix herself. Some, wittingly guessed that the reason why the album is called ‘From the Sea’ is because in other languages it means “La Mar” (taken from Dave’s last name Lamar) so indirectly the album is entitled “from the Lamars”.

To all the Mownienatics out there, our Phoneix has finally married her True North.

The Lamars is a testament that any time can be Valentines when you wait Patiently.

As a way to celebrate their love story of now 11 years, let’s have a listen to their amazing album ‘From The Sea’.

Start streaming ‘From the Sea’ right here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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