Let’s meet IRENE, the total SWAGGER of 4TH Impact!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.



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Rating: 5 out of 5.


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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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31 thoughts on “Let’s meet IRENE, the total SWAGGER of 4TH Impact!

  1. not only can she sing and dance well. she has an incredible charisma and her eyes are just gorgeous. her soft voice invites you to dream
    P,S, i Love the question section 👍

    1. Irene is the glue that holds the group together. She has beautiful low tones and if she needs to go high she can get there to. She’s a great singer and dancer.

      1. Thanks David! I totally agree that Irene is all of that! I’m sure you notice that when they are totally astounded by tips, and stop, she’s the one who gets them back together to continue, taking up the singing 1st.

    2. Thank you Ssab. I like that Q&A section too! Yes, Irene’s eyes have a character that is just unmatched…then there is that voice that makes everything feel right.

    3. Thank you Ssab. I like that Q&A section too! Yes, Irene’s eyes have a character that is just unmatched…then there is that voice that makes everything feel right.

    4. You are right Ssab Irene has that something special for sure! She has that tough swag persona but a heart of gold and can make you feel her heart when she sings or speaks!

  2. WOW! Thank you guys, you really captured the many talents that Irene contributes to 4th Impact. Well done, I love these reviews of each of the girls of 4th Impact, can’t wait for “THE BELTER” Almira.

    1. Hey Scott, how do you know Almira is next (jk)? These articles have to gain them so many more viewers, when those yet-to-be dreamers realize the magical combination

  3. Thanks guys! Another great journalistic note, brief and powerful. A perfect description to which I would add that Irene is the most transparent, the one that most expresses her feelings and emotions. Sweet and brave, always on the move, she is a rattlesnake. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Actually Gustavo, you must have read the article as soon as I sent it to you, because that phrase “she wears her heart on her sleeve”, got left out of the 1st version somehow. Neal is fantastic with the apt descriptions so that we can feel every part of her character. Thanks for your comment!

    2. Thanks Gustavo, Yes Irene is definitely the emotional one of the group and also the heartbeat of the group I believe. Don’t know how you cannot fall in love with Irene!

  4. At the end of their X Factor audition when the emotions overcame her, and she fell to the floor, is when I fell in love with Irene!! When she poured her broken heart out online, my heart was broken too. I knew words couldn’t fix it but I tried anyway, just like I would have for my own daughter. She doesn’t even realize that it is her beautiful, heartfelt vocals that give the solid base to their songs. Almira with her belts, Mylene with her growls, Celina with her rap. It just would not come together without her!
    Love you, Irene!!
    These articles are amazing and just seem to get better and better!! Great job guys!! Thank you!!!

    1. Daddy Nunya, believe it or not I haven’t listened to that, but very much know about it. I guess I’ve been too busy behind the scenes and being enamored of their vocals. Thank you so much for enlightening me!

    2. Daddy Nunya you are correct I think Irene is the glue to their harmonies! Irene has always been the emotional one for sure. Seems whenever Irene gets emotional so do I, these girls just have a way of connecting to your heart that I don’t think they even understand!

  5. I met her Live here in Germany in 2019 ( you can see our first met on Irenes you tube Chanel in her Frankfurt vlog ) ..I can say ,she is very kind and she is ever good for a joke , the small time I spend together with was very funny …she has every time a joke on her lips …and her voice ,….guys I tell you ,..was not from these world …so I wish everybody can see her and her Sisters Live one day .So have a nice time Dreamers, take care and stay healthy…
    Andi Ehlers

    1. Wow Andi! I actually had no idea about her joking, but I can see that. I guess her and the others’ messages to me have always been asking to help them with problems. Now that I know, I can exchange humor with her!

    2. Andi, I hope one day to meet them! Irene has always held a special place in my heart for some reason and I think it is her heart. I have always loved her voice I say it has a haunting angelic sound to it if that makes sense.

  6. Irene talented singer and dancer, tireless always ready to test herself, simply phenomenal. Thanks Neal Gary and Philip for your wonderful articles

    1. Leo, my Friend, you are right on with your description. It is so incredible and gratifying that Irene has come a very long ways in just 21 months from the one in Patreon who had almost no confidence in herself. She sets the example for how one reaches for sky!

    2. Thanks Leo, for liking the articles. Irene is the perfect blend of everything you would want in an entertainer!

  7. Irene is the type girl you fall in love with the first time you look at her. Her dark eyes just look into your soul and her smile just reaches in and grabs you by the heart. She is so beautiful and sexy and very sweet. I think she in the most emotional of the 4, but she is just an angel. When comes to being an entertainer, she is just a natural. When live stream first started, I was really surprised to hear her say she was nervous. You could not tell it, but now you really can’t tell it. She has such a great personality and a beautiful smile. She never backs down from a challenge and never gets tired. She is a perfect woman and makes you feel so comfortable when you watch her. She makes you feel like you are one of the family. Thanks for entertaining us Irene and thanks for the support you give your family. Thanks for all your hard work. You are just like a daughter to me. I love you Irene, you brighten the world.

    1. James, I agree entirely…that emotion she wears on her sleeve at times is what drives her to achieve perfection. I know that you notice that when there are overwhelming tips in the livestream that Irene has been the one who always urged her sisters to keep continuing with the performance. And now I find out from a comment that Andi Ehlers that she loves to joke! Oh wow!

    2. James, Irene is surely a bright light for all the world to see. She is the secret weapon of 4th Impact in my book. She can kick your head in with a dance move and then melt your heart with a song.

  8. All of you have pretty much my same thoughts on Irene. Guess a small difference for me is Irene will hold a special place in my heart. When I first contacted 4th Impact it was Irene that mainly would reply. Always nice and friendly and actually showed interest in what I was asking or talking about. Another special thing that I will cherish and it is just a small thing but it meant a lot to me. In the early live streams if I donated something sometimes she would say “Sir Marshall is here”. Its nothing special really but it meant the world to me. Irene is all the things you have mention in the other comments listed here. But she is the special one to me.

    1. Marshall, I agree completely with you about Irene…I don’t think the other sisters will read all the comments here too! She reminds me of my wife in many ways, except that she can’t dance a lick! I also learned very recently from another dreamer that Irene has a great sense of humor, always making jokes…happened in Frankfurt, so obviously she hasn’t changed. So it was extremely easy for us to write and get screenshots for this article (in fact I went completely overboard in candidates!). Thanks so much for telling us that gem of a story.

      1. I agree with you Marshall Irene was the first of the sisters to respond to me when I commented on one of her posts and has always been nothing but kind to me since the beginning. She will always hold a special place in my heart and I cannot help but get emotional when she does. I agree that the smallest things can mean so much to some!

    2. I agree Marshall Irene will always hold a special place in my heart. She was the first on the girls to comment back to me and has always been gracious and kind! The little things mean the most to a lot of us. Like you said just noticing that you were at the live stream meant a lot to you. Irene is the true soul of 4th Impact!

    1. Hi Mark! With the way that Irene moves so smoothly and with that rhythm, those pants are just the ideal. Like a panther!

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