Arthur Nery got all the feels with “Take All The Love”

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Soulful, emotional, and smooth!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Known for his R&B tunes, Filipino singer-songwriter Arthur Nery touches our hearts with his single “Take All The Love“, released under Viva Records.

I count the days when we’re in love. ‘Coz I only matter when he’s not around. Oh, but I live to appreciate you. Take all the love that I give..“

This song, along with its beautifully arranged riffs and runs, shows what it feels to experience hopeless love, an unrequited love wherein one already gave up and the other one still holding on.

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Official Lyric Video:

“There’s a scene in which Pie Santos, who portrays the Diwata in the video, stabs me and extracts my life source.  It’s one of those scenes that drive home the message ‘take all the love that you need’,” the Filipino singer said.

Many people, at least once in their lives, can relate to this sad but superb song. A beautiful masterpiece that crosses the story between love, pain, and passion.

Arthur Nery, for sure, knows how to turn heads with his unique voice and neo-soul tinged songs!!!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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