ALAMAT releases their first song for 2022, “ABKD”

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Vibrant, empowering and truly remarkable!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Filipino boy group ALAMAT kicks off 2022 with their empowering anthem “ABKD“. The group is an 8-member boy group who sing, rap, and dance, from the Philippines that combines traditional and modern Philippine cultural elements with Western and global influences in the various facets of their music, including dance, fashion, iconography and such.


Mabato man ang daan, puno pa ng mga hadlang, huwag uurong, tiwala ako sa’yo..“

English translation: “The path may be rocky, full of obstacles too. Don’t back down, I have faith in you..”

Watch the Official Music Video here:

The music video shows the eight members of the group encouraging an indigenous peoples’ community member to pursue and never give up on her dreams of becoming a beauty queen despite the society’s beauty standards.

The story of the song is about not letting anyone hinder a person who are constantly chasing their goals and dreams in life.

Taneo sang in Ilocano, Valfer in Ilonggo, Gami and Alas in Cebuano, Jao in Pampango, R-Ji in Waray, Tomas in Bicolano, and Mo in Zambal. These are some of the Philippines’ native languages and has been a trademark of the group ever since. The said group members all hailed from different parts of the Philippines. 

Talk about a very versatile group! Here comes ALAMAT!

Start Streaming “When I’m Gone” right here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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