Felix Irwan fuels our hearts with love

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Warm, soulful and truly remarkable!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Planning a road trip or simply just jamming alone? Then this featured artist best fits you!

Indonesian YouTube sensation Felix Irwan Saputra or popularly known as Felix started his music career when he joined The Voice Indonesia 2016. He also started his YouTube channel which made him even more known not only in Indonesia but around the globe.

What’s to love about Felix?

A lot would say both Indonesian and English covers he shares with his fans. Some of his covers that hit more than a million views on YouTube are When We Were Young by Adele and Terendap Laraku by Naff.

This incredibly talented man truly speaks to your heart with his performances and one of his many covers proves just that. Listen to Felix’s simple yet heartwarming hit cover song Aku Milikmu Malam Ini originally sang by Pongki Barata.

I’m yours tonight, I’ll hug you until the morning. But later when I go, wait for me here…

Start streaming “Aku Milikmu Malam Ini” right here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The delivery of the song maybe simple but the beautiful message is loud and clear. This is a song that you would want to just listen to over and over; and you can even memorize the touching lyrics about how patient we are to be in love. Felix is truly on fire, and his powerful voice will definitely go a long, long way!

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