KZ Tandingan gets raw and vulnerable for the International Arena

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Intimate yet Confrontational !

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Asia’s Soul Supreme, KZ Tandingan, who happens to be a singer song-writer from the Philippines, releases an international single. It is known to be her very first international piece, yet she did not disappoint us.

In an interview, KZ shared that,

“Out of all the songs I’ve released in the past, this I think is the closest to who I really am. This is really what I wanna do with my music, the sound I want to release out there,”.

Could this be KZ’s biggest hit?

The song was produced by Grammy-winning producer Luigie “Lugo” Gonzalez, along with Paulino Lorenzo, and Idrise Ward-El. The song 11:59 is about giving a partner the final chance to come clean and to be truthful to the significant other before ending things the other way.

Catch KZ Tandingan’s 11:59 Official Music Video and get ready to watch a prolific way of getting the truth out of a partner.

“60 seconds can make or break your life
I’m not holding on ”

The song truly has a strong story behind it. Where the attempt to be inspirational and aspirational has indeed been achieved through 11:59. KZ Tandingan, is always known for her purposeful music and 11:59 is a

story of love and decision between two people who are trying to figure out how to move forward in their relationship.

Check out the behind the scenes of 11:59, as Asia Soul Supreme, KZ Tandingan, shows us how she communicates the story of her music. Enjoy!!! 🤩🤩🤩

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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