Morissette empowers us to move on from the pain with “Undangon Ta Ni”

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Fresh, heartbreaking and full of grace!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Asia’s Phoenix Morissette has taken to social media…

to promote the release of her new Bisaya single “Undangon Ta Ni,” which came out on all streaming platforms on August 1.

In a slew of teaser photos and videos on her social media accounts, the singer-songwriter unveiled her new music release bit by bit, starting with a mystery silhouette image of herself drenched in full glam and a 20-second video of her “vibin’ to something new,” as the caption reads, while playing with her dog. In a lengthier teaser, the NYMA talent flashed words on paper as the new single played in the background, revealing the title “Undangon Ta Ni.”

She continued to explain that this will be her very first track
in English-Bisaya “with a twist.”

She reminded everyone she is a proud Cebuano and then shared the theme of the single towards the end of the video.

How do you know it’s time to move on?

Ug di’ na ka, sulti lang, ’cause I’m more than willing to let you go…

The song reminds us that it’s okay to choose ourselves
and not settle for less.

In her latest teaser, posted July 25, Morissette introduced an open verse challenge encouraging TikTokers to sing along with the song.

In a way, this song is still connected to my Signature EP of original music, because one of the things that make me unique is that I am a Cebuana.

Morissette said about the song’s context in her body of work. “Undangon Ta Ni,” (which loosely translates to “Let’s Stop This” in English) released under Underdog Music, was composed and produced by Cebu-based songwriters Relden Campanilla, Carlisle Tabanera and Ferdinand Aragon, along with Morissette and her husband Dave Lamar.

Start streaming “Undangon Ta Ni” right here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The track tells of moving forward and choosing oneself.

The girl in my song chose to stop a stagnant relationship with this guy and move forward. She chose herself and decided to not settle for less. I hope that message resonates with people.

One of the things that I also really love about this song is the production of it. The instrumentation of it. Napaka-angas lang talaga. Working with my producers is really an honor for me. It’s very different from what people know my music to be and I cannot wait to release it!

Morissette, who is celebrating her 12th anniversary in show business.

She got her big break after finishing in the top 8 of ABS-CBN’s “The Voice Philippines: Season 1.” In 2017, she represented the Philippines in the 14th Asia Song Festival in Busan, South Korea and returned the following year for the 15th Asia Song Festival. Since then, she has been called “Asia’s Phoenix” for her soaring performances.

Morissette is currently a “Jukeboss” (judge) in the TV5 show “Sing Galing Kids,” with new episodes every Saturday at 6 p. m.

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