Erin Duvall takes us on her journey with “Walking Country Song”

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Raw, honest and totally electrifying!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi Erin, welcome to LA Music Review! Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

The Texas-born singer-songwriter, Erin Duvall, was raised on a foundation of the country, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Erin’s unique approach to music has drawn comparisons to singers like Janis Joplin, Natalie Maines, and Susan Tedeschi. As the fourth of five children in her family, Erin learned to advocate for herself and what she wanted at an early age, which was to always perform. By delivering raspy country vocals, Erin sets herself apart from other women in today’s country music scene. She belts, teases, and soars into listeners’ ears with her roadhouse bluesy tunes and the sultry sounds of her vocals.

Taking a pause to become a mother to four beautiful children, and as a single mother, she knows the importance of hard work and following your dreams. Currently, Erin is working with Terry and Simeon Baker of Baker Brothers Music. With over 30 years of experience, they have worked with Michael McDonald, Aretha Franklin, Kirk Franklin, Patty Austin, Wayne Newton, and Bishop TD Jakes, to name a few. Together they are working to perfectly blend country, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll into one sound, showcasing the music that was rooted in Erin’s upbringing.

I have grown up with two very strong examples of family first, hard work and giving back. So now, as a single mother of four, I feel very strongly to leave a legacy behind for my children that makes them proud…

With the passion that burns inside Erin Duvall, she will excel in all aspects of her career, especially in an ever-increasing world of burn-outs and flashes that dispense as quickly as the wick is lit.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration when you were writing this project?

“Walking Country Song” is my honest and transparent depiction of the tangled yet beautiful journey, with many sharp turns, of where my life has taken me and where my compass is pointing me now.

Released on October 7, 2022. Erin is translating country music to people of all kinds. The perseverance in the face of a challenge has made the singer into who she is today. Erin shares, “When asked about the journey of my life and where it has taken me, I was told that I sounded like a Walking Country Song. That’s exactly right, I’m a country song… made up of strength, doubt, tears, love, pure grit, and determination. Always one foot firmly on the ground while the other is constantly in motion,” says Erin.

What is your vision for this project?

“‘Walking Country Song” was a lyrically cathartic process for me. I am thankful for the bumps in the road that I have experienced because it has made me into who I am today. This song is truly a journey around the sun back to where I belong and where I am going.”

Raised on country, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll, Erin finds her artistic creativity through her musical inspirations such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, and Reba McEntire.

What is your favorite part of this body of work?

“I believe that the greatest country songs come from a truthful perspective on heartache, broken dreams, and the courage to get back on your feet again.” Celebrating the power of a comeback and the endurance of her high-spirited approach ultimately led her to be the successful singer and businesswoman she is today.

Anything else we should know about it? Future releases? 

Erin’s charity foundation, Twice the Love, focuses on supporting single parents, both men, and women, to get back on their feet emotionally and physically after facing hardships. Set to take place Wednesday, November 2nd at the AT&T Performing Arts Center — Annette Strauss Square, located in Dallas, TX, Erin will host Twice the Love Featuring Erin Duvall & Benefitting The Genesis Women’s Shelter. 

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