Cory Singer fights for love and “The Truth”

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Vulnerable and truly heartbreaking!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cory Singer has become a major sensation as a social media and TikTok influencer.

With over 409k followers and 14 million likes on TikTok and full verification across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, he promotes positivity by inspiring others with his unique brand, music, and personal experiences with his autism.

He recently was invited to perform for the New Jersey Devils. He also performed in Atlantic City for the Sound Mind Network music festival alongside The Bacon Brothers (Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon), Johnny Showcase of America’s Got Talent, and celebrity chef and songwriter Tony Luke Jr.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cory Singer’s new release, “Chance Of A Lifetime (The Truth)” is an alternative version of his previously released song “Chance Of A Lifetime (The Proposal)” shows Singer at his most vulnerable, yet powerful, form. In this track, Singer will pierce the hearts of listeners through genuine lyrics and powerful melodies in the softest and most sincere way.

The lyrics speak to listeners about a missed opportunity, expressing a lost love gone away.

Additionally, the instrumentation throughout the song offers a contemplative mood through the soft piano and delicate strings that invite the listener into a still-hearted yet clear-cut sentiment. The powerful vocals accompanied by the light percussion also create a path for the listener to almost march through the song with sympathetic ears that take us through a pondering, yet the wistful approach to how we felt at times when we have been in love and then realize that we must move on.

“Chance of a Lifetime (The Truth)” is not just a song about lost love, but it offers a chance for listeners to empathize with Singer in his deepest and most vulnerable state.

Not only are listeners thoroughly engaged by their sympathy from the lyrics but are also empowered by the ballad-style piano and robust vocals throughout. “Chance of a Lifetime (The Truth)” is a song that forces you to empathize with and will most certainly leave you speechless.

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