Fifteen Minutes Later seeks to find “The Road Less Travelled”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi Fifteen Minutes Later, welcome to LA Music Review! Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

Fifteen Minutes Later is a post-grunge alternative rock band.

A project band with a high inclination on creating and crafting original music gradually evolving to create a unique blend based on the varied musical influences of its members. Kerwin Elman (from the band ODD) plays drums, Oswald Duran Singson (from Igoroots) plays bass, Mark Ruiz (from CoolRevive) plays lead and rhythm guitars and Joannes Jumadla on vocals and guitars. Following the untimely death of bassist member Oswald Duran Singson, Sergel Esquierdo takes his place on bass guitar.

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration when you were writing this project?

Released on June 18, 2022. Music from the early 2000’s and bands such as CREED, OUR LADY PEACE, and other influences helped create this song together with the emotions brought about during those times.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

What lessons would you like to impart with your audience?

Never ever give up on your music. It will surely take a long while to create and produce alternative music especially because they are not popular anymore, we are not in the 90’s. But never quit, it’s a lifelong process.

What is your favorite part of this body of work?

The whole song, crafted from start to finish.

Anything else we should know about it? Future releases?

We are hoping to release a few more songs to complete an album in the near future.

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