Little Fuss takes us on a rollercoaster ride with “She’s A Liar”

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Brutally honest and totally relatable!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Little Fuss’s newest single “She’s a Liar” was released on October 19.

Showcasing the honest experience of struggling with one’s mental health and a story of a woman losing her sense of self and sanity. Taken from the debut concept album Girls At Parties, Little Fuss begins difficult, yet necessary conversations through their music. The duo tells this painful, yet necessary anecdote through an indie pop track with an uplifting melody and down to earth lyricism. 

“All this to say, there are a lot of reasons behind anxiety attacks and mental spirals and doubting your own sanity… but regardless of the reason, it is not a fun experience. I hope if anyone hears this song and relates to it, they know that they don’t deserve to feel that way and that they should find the help they need to feel better and trust their own sense of self and sanity.”

Olivia Martinez

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Little Fuss is an art-pop duo consisting of Olivia Martinez and Cody Von Lehmden…

a pair who bond over the strange daily humors of their little life in Boston, MA. After forming during the pandemic, the band broke onto the scene with their free flowing live energy and restlessly creative perspective on pop music. 

With their upcoming debut album, “Girls at Parties,” set to be released later this year, Little Fuss has gotten meticulously specific with their exploration of the detailed aesthetic they feel embodies their sound. Drawing from a wide range of influences, from David Bowie and Kate Bush to a once-scandalous Paul Cezanne painting, “Girls at Parties” seeks to inject a rich variety of musical and lyrical content into a 9-track pop album. 

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