Sabrina Ponte reminisces her past love with “Chance of Whiskey”

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Honest, hopeful and truly powerful!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sabrina, the newly crowned Miss Music City USA 2023, has music out on all streaming platforms. She showed promise in her future beginning at a young age. Growing up, Sabrina was actively involved within her church choir, and participated in theater and opera. Her passion for music would eventually lead her to graduate from the New England Conservatory of Music while in high school and go on to graduate Berklee College of Music.

Sabrina is a woman of immense talent…

in addition to singing, she is also a signed model/actress, as well as had success in the Miss America Organization and is currently competing in the Miss USA organization. In the end, Sabrina seeks to make a difference within her community, and she uses the power of music to reach that goal. Sabrina is incredibly passionate about giving back, and has helped to fundraise thousands of dollars for The Children’s Miracle Network, women’s scholarships, and organizations that help to feed the hungry in Tennessee.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

In Ponte’s new single, the breakup is still fresh for both…

the prospect of reconciliation does not seem too far out of reach. The description throughout the song is incredibly powerful. Lines like, “I was the fire in your eyes, and I knew I wasn’t alone” blaze dreamlike feelings of a soulmate connection. We can certainly infer how passionate this relationship must have been. If only one of the two would make the first move.

“Chance of Whiskey” is the perfect song to reminisce on a special past love.

The instrumentals perfectly align with Sabrina Ponte’s mellow vocals. Soft strums of guitar and drums play, up until the chorus begins. The beat then transitions to become more powerful, along with Ponte’s vocals. She decides to stay in the bar when her friends leave, aspiring to “turn back around” to a time when the two were still together.

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