Coco Bevan battles her big heartbreak with “Bruised Ego”

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Raw, honest and full of intensity!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Self-proclaimed pop princess of Sydney, Coco Bevan

has released her new single, “Bruised Ego,” an energetic post-breakup revenge banger about releasing anger after a selfish partner.

A personality-driven, refreshing electro-pop track, “Bruised Ego” combines electronic production with guitar and violin melodies, creating a carefree and introspective mix that accompanies Coco Bevan in a familiar journey of getting over someone. As Bevan reclaims her anger and chaos, this heartbreak pop-rock bop is turned on its head.

Focused on the artist healing from a selfish and entitled “man-child” she was involved with, the song is unapologetic in its honesty and straightforwardness with lyrics like, “25 and crying like a fucking brat” and a catchy hook of, “baby boy with a bruised ego.” The track was produced by Australian producer Liam Quinn and written by Coco Bevan.

Start streaming “Bruised Ego” here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Coco Bevan is committed to writing songs about gritty, honest, and intense life experiences…

curating chaos of love, heartbreak, manifesting, wild nights, and oversharing stories, in all their bursting and vibrant emotional showcases. With a relatable spirit as a blueprint, she reached out to those around her to understand other experiences of heartbreak to create a song they could all scream along to. “Bruised Ego” sets out to be exactly that – the way she puts it, if, “You’re feeling mad, sassy, want to be rude, and you want to scream your lungs out, then sing along to this song.”

Coco Bevan is a natural-born performer who is committed to making music that speaks to people in their 20s through their ups and downs, and journeys of self-discovery.

As she retells a quarter-life crisis of joy and stress, she negotiates the battle between self-love and self-depreciation through this upbeat, dance anthem that sets to make young people feel understood in their chaos and complexity.

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