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Sincere, heart-wrenching, and truly remarkable!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Inspiring singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre gets personal with her latest song, “Aking Habangbuhay”, one of the official soundtracks of An Inconvenient Love, a Star Cinema movie.

How do you know when you truly
find the one?

Kasi nung nakita kita
Nabura ang lahat
Ng duda sa isip ko
Naintindihan ko na ngayon

Moira delivers a new heart-tugging performance.

It was beautifully written and arranged, combined with her soulful voice, you’ll feel like crying while listening to this masterpiece.

Start streaming “Aking Habangbuhay” here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

All roads will lead me to you.

The song is very relatable, because most of us are afraid to take a risk again on love after being heartbroken for quite sometime. But when the right time comes, we will meet that special person who will make us realize that it was worth all the waiting and failed relationships.

Lahat ng daan ko ay
Patungo pala sa ‘yo
Aking habangbuhay

Loving is always a decision. To take it to the next step, forgetting the past, and living in the present. Let your faith and love guide you in discerning if that person is the truly the one God has sent for you.

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