Zeigh-V DROPS A new anthem for THE LOSS OF young PEOPLE WITH “Gone Too Soon”

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Upbeat, touching and full of grace!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Zeigh-V hopes to begin a movement with her newest single “Gone Too Soon,” an anthem for the loss of young people, released on December 2, 2022.

Zeigh-V is an up-and-coming pop star from Atlanta, Georgia. She is A-Pop Entertainment’s first signed artist, for a good reason.

She is the embodiment of what A-Pop Entertainment represents:
youth making a positive impact on society.
Her one true mission as an artist is to
encourage kids to love one another by promoting
uplifting themes of change and hope for future generations

Start streaming “Gone Too Soon” here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gone Too Soon” is about the the heartbreak involved in losing the people she loves according to Zeigh-V. Her music is like poetry, putting emphasis on the emotion in these tough times. She uses her powerful words to impact her audience.

We share in her every emotion. Zeigh-V sings,

“You could have won first place
You could have had it all
We could have gone to prom
But the writings on the wall
There’s all kinds of things that I could’ve said
Now I don’t have the chance
All our messages on read.”

How can we help raise awareness on self-harm, drugs, and death?

A-POP ® is a new genre of music coming straight out of the Atlanta area. The genre encourages youth empowerment and brings underprivileged youth the gift and healing powers of music and entertainment.

From the founder of A-POP ®, Jim Joyner,
Over my life, I have seen many issues that are affecting our youth. I knew a girl who was my friend in 8th-grade art class who was self-harming.

Today, we are losing one teen every 10 hrs to fentanyl-laced pills. I asked myself “What could be done about it?” I am the owner and president of Allstar Video Pitching Simulators, so in 2017, I began to pour my heart and financial resources into a brand new genre of music which I named A-POP ®.”

Check out the Promo Music Video below.

A-POP ® is not about releasing a new artist or another song, but it is a whole new movement. The heart of the movement is teen empowerment, starting with teens making a difference in their own lives, the lives of others, and the condition of the world..”

Our first release is called “Gone Too Soon” by A-POP’s first signed artist, Zeigh-V. “Gone Too Soon” deals with our youth dying from making what seems on the surface simple choices, but in reality led to an unexpected and sudden end of their life.”

The current trends ending many teens’ lives are drug-related, including the use of pills laced with fentanyl which they are buying in school hallways and from trusted friends. A-POP®’s messaging is always intended to be positive, creating a safe space in music for youth and their families.

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