Albert Kass drops his empowering single “Formidable”

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Fun, catchy and full of authenticity!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Indie artist Albert Kass has released his latest single, “Formidable (For Me Dabla),” a lighthearted tune meant to evoke a joyful state of being.

Light, airy, and carefree, “Formidable (For Me Dabla)” encourages the listener to embrace the current moment, and let go of heaviness. Characterized by a quintessential folky melody, Albert Kass’ gentle rasp accompanies the tune to its relaxed, laid-back nature. There is a deeply rooted sense of peace in the song, one that sees the singer-songwriter allowing himself to slow down and enjoy the ride, comforted in the knowledge that he will end up in the right place.

Transpiring through “Formidable (For Me Dabla)” is Albert Kass’ penchant for philosophy and whimsical moments of contemplation. As a result, the track is a palate cleanser, equal parts refreshing and meditative.

“When I was a kid, my sister and I used to watch scary movies. She always made sure that we watched an episode of Friends afterward, to cleanse us of cinematic trauma.” He comments, “That’s what this song is.”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Softly spoken feelings flow in and out of the song…

in a rhythm whose regularity comes close to a reflection in nature – painting an image similar to the crystalline streaming of a river, equal parts dreamy and deep:

“I often find myself creating music born of an emotional upwelling from a primarily dark primordial place. Formidable is an exception to that.”

This whimsical state of being is infectious, something that Kass encourages listeners to get lost in with lyrics like ‘Come with me / for an hour, formidable,’ joining him in a speckle of bliss whose pure, authentic energy expands beyond the song and into a bubble of comfort and contentment.

Albert Kass developed an emotional link to music early on in his life, recognizing a medium through which he could express his creativity – drawn to darker classical music, which his sister played on piano. This eventually led to original compositions, and, while he never had singing in mind, it ‘sort of happened of its own volition.’

Now, Albert Kass has returned to writing and performing after two careers and two decades. “Formidable (For Me Dabla)” is the most recent single from his debut album Young Old Man, produced in his hometown of Los Angeles by Grammy-nominated producer Billy Mohler (The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Lady Gaga, The Airborne Toxic Event). The album is a coming-of-age tale — a culmination of years of original songwriting and a coalescing of sound, style, and aesthetics. Albert Kass: the young old man, both raw with an edge and softened by bittersweet nostalgia; broken-in yet modern, vintage vibes that echo of tomorrow. Previously released singles off the forthcoming album have received praise from American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine, and Kings of A&R.

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