Brina Kay finds true acceptance with “Dandelion”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brina Kay is releasing her new project Dandelion,

an EP and video reminding others that it’s okay to be exactly who you are. The music video depicts Brina Kay looking back on a younger version of herself, remembering the days when she was judged for being different from everyone else – too energetic, singing too loudly, and standing out in the crowd. As the video goes on, the younger version of Brina Kay begins to find confidence in herself, becoming less concerned with what others think of her. All the while, Brina Kay watches back with pride in her younger self.

Throughout the song, Brina Kay seems to be not only reminding her younger self, but also the listener that: “Dandelion, won’t ya stop your cryin’, you were sent to brighten up the world my girl, they’ll never hold you back/If they don’t pick you, it’s just ‘cause they don’t get you, you’re a wild thing they can’t contain, but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with you,’‘ a sentiment that all of us need to hear from time to time when things feel hopeless. This is a perfect video to start Mental Health Awareness Month, with its beautiful and touching message to all our younger selves.

“This song especially (but also the EP as a whole) is essentially a letter to my younger self, but I’ve also realized its message still resonates with me as I navigate adulthood. When I was a kid, I often felt like I wasn’t always accepted. I was overly energetic, I was “weird” and I tended to question authority and the status quo way of doing things.

Back then it made me feel like I didn’t belong, or that there was something wrong with me, but I’ve grown to realize that those attributes are what makes me unique and special, and they’re something to be proud of. If I could get in a time machine and have a conversation with that little girl and show her who she’s going to become, this song is what I would tell her, and the video is what I would show her. It is now something I lean on whenever I feel misunderstood or undervalued.”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brina Kay’s first release out of Nashville, “Horizon” charted on the highly acclaimed She Wolf Radio, which has featured rising country stars such as Tiera and Lainey Wilson. Kay’s next two singles followed the same success, with “Heat of the Moment” reaching number eight and “Into the Sun” reaching number one. Brina has been featured in numerous publications and news outlets, including Chicago’s Daily Herald and WGN News. Her music has regularly featured on iHeartRadio country station Chicago’s Big 95.5.

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