Ashley Elle fights her demons with “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy”

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Raw, deep, and mesmerizing!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” is a vulnerable track penned by Los Angeles-based enchanting indie pop artist Ashley Elle when she was moving back from living abroad in London. She felt overwhelmed and struggled with the complexities of life.

The single highlights melodically a beautiful quest to find some relief from the overwhelming experience of anxiety and depression while navigating through life.

Heavy heart, heavy mind, heavy body
Paralyzed with no silver lining

Ashley Elle’s love for music was evident from an early age. She would spend hours singing and playing the piano and guitar. But despite her natural talent, she was always a bit humble and shy about it. It wasn’t until her dad encouraged her to record her voice in a studio that she realized her passion for music was stronger than she thought.

Since then, Ashley began to study the songwriting process as it is important that the music she shares will be authentic to her. As industry folks began to hear her early recordings, many quickly took notice and reached out to work directly with her. She has worked tirelessly with producers to hone her craft and develop her unique indie-pop sound.

To date, the themes of heartbreak, maturing, love, and mental health are central to Ashley’s music. She writes deep from the heart, drawing on personal experiences and struggles.

“Music is a way to express herself and connect with others.”

Her vulnerability as a songwriter is both scary and rewarding, and she hopes her music resonates with her listeners as much as it does with her. She always wants to stay real and authentic and for her, that includes sharing her most vulnerable feelings.

Ashley Elle’s hard work paid off in 2019 when she was signed to a publishing deal by Given Entertainment out of Nashville. She has since been writing and recording new material, pouring her heart and soul into each song. She has a deep catalog but is always working to make the next song better.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Now based in Los Angeles, Ashley attends Loyola Marymount University and collaborates with talented producers and writers. Ashley Elle is eager to share her music with the world and hopes that her authentic story will inspire others.

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