Where and how to find people for your team

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by Carley Varley

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Finding the right people for your team can be a very daunting task…

it’s been a task that I’ve recently thought about quite a lot due to needing to hire people for projects I have coming up. I remember being recommended many wonderful people and deciding who to choose was difficult.

Today I’m going to share my tips for where and how to find people for your team and not just any people but the right people who will fit in well with your team.

The first tip I’d suggest is asking friends of friends or those around you who are already on your team, whose work ethic you admire.

I remember I was looking for a bassist to join my band and my guitarist suggested someone and he fit right in with the band. If my friend suggests someone, the chances are I will get on with them and they’ll be a good fit.

People tend to gravitate towards those with similar attitudes.

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So, ask those who are already on your team if they know anyone who they think would be a good match and work well with everyone.

My second tip would be, make sure you’re clear about expectations and values when having someone join your team so you get the right people.

You can post ads online, do an advert on social media and even interview people but that is no use if you aren’t clear about the kind of person you are looking for. Make sure you set realistic expectations and ask the right questions when meeting someone and recruiting them for your team.

Hire people who are enthusiastic and believe in your vision.

This is a very key part of finding someone for your team, if they are enthusiastic about the projects you set them then this will benefit the team. Often finding people with a good attitude towards work can be tough but if you make it clear what you are looking for and you are enthusiastic about your job then the right people will fall into place. Communication is key when finding the right people for your team, make sure your goals are clear and that what you are looking for is really whittled down.

My final tip today would be to try advertising to get people in by targeting the correct audience.

It can also be handy to find companies similar to yours and ask them for help too, perhaps they can recommend someone to you that would fit a role perfectly.

I remember when I was trying to find a photographer and no one really captured me well and the pictures never turned out how I wanted them, then I did a post asking for help and sure enough the photographer found me and when we did a shoot it went perfectly. Posting on social media is another great way to ask people for help in finding the perfect people for your team.

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