Nikita Lev craves for unknowable purposes with her fourth single “Nowhere Bar”

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Authentic, deep, and comforting!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rising indie pop singer Nikita Lev has released “Nowhere Bar“, her fourth single which highlights her songwriting skill as listeners are walked through the narratives of individuals entering a bar for lost souls.

“Nowhere Bar” weaves the protagonist’s story of longing for impossible dreams into the stories of these other individuals, culminating in an understanding that their lives are empty beyond the people in this nowhere bar. Their hopes for their lives crumble in the face of the truth that they have failed to work to achieve them.

Nikita describes her work as conveying feelings of existential boredom into the craving for an unknowable purpose. The intricate piece capitalizes on the dramatics of dynamic changes in correspondence with the drastic emotional changes of the protagonist.

How do you overcome moments of desperation and confusion?

Oh and I’m just here to charm my vanity
My mirror she can’t help but laugh at me
No, I’d disappear only to fall asleep
And dream about waiting for something

Beyond the simple recognition of the sad state of their lives, the chorus flips to a moment of desperation where the protagonist’s emotions are now bold and overwhelming. “I disappear,” she says, “and dream about waiting for something.”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

This latest release resonates with listeners who have ever felt adrift from their place in the world, a feeling particularly salient in the lives of listeners close to Nikita’s age of nineteen. The world of “Nowhere Bar” is a place where any listener can find themselves in their moments of confusion.

It is this authenticity and vulnerability in conjunction with a unique tone that sets Nikita in a lane of her own.

Nowhere Bar” is available on all streaming platforms.

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