4th Impact fulfills their greatest dream!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

How do you turn your dreams to reality?

The girls of 4th Impact are living their dreams as they travel to the US and continue their musical journey. They were able to treat the Dreamers to song covers with fun music videos like Flowers and Part of Your World.

4th Impact has made every bit of their experience truly unforgettable which they happily shared with their fans. Aside from their music videos, we also felt the girls’ pressure and excitement as they showed us the behind the scenes of their recording session in Hollywood for Part of Your World.

Everyone can notice the girls’ determination to really make everything perfect!

4th Impact’s story is a great one to tell and surely an amazing one with the girls’ willingness to grow with their craft and to shine even more. Irene, Mylene, Almira and Celina are true team players which make them all the more intact and inspiring as a girl group.

Let’s watch out for their powerful performances and the experiences they will get us excited about!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.


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8 thoughts on “4th Impact fulfills their greatest dream!

  1. Thank you, Maui, for your well written and exciting article on these fantastic and inspiring girls!

  2. Thank you for great writing I know these girls bring it on stage . The put show much energy into all they shows. They truly are a power house when it comes to vocals and harmonies.

  3. These girls are not afraid hard work, their last two covers prove that, I know they are waiting for the work Visa here in the U.S. and they can’t spill the tea but something big
    is coming.

  4. Beautiful article Maui. 4th Impact is the whole package and you brought that to light. Thank you sooo much!!!❤️

  5. Like these ladies, you bring all your knowledge and abilities to bear, you listen to the music and you do your research when writing these articles and you turn out some awesome stuff for us to read! Thank you all!

  6. Thanks for everyone support of our super Dollies their the best. Can’t hardly wait till they come out with more awesomeness. love the Queens of Harmony. Pennsylvania USA

  7. AMAZING!! These Gracious Ladies ( FI), made a bold efforts to the USA/LA journey. Seeking and determined to expand their music craftsmanship to “DREAM BIG”! Humengous appreciation for this wonderful, inspiring article.🏵️🤗

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