Lyodra’s “Tak Dianggap” is the newest heartbreaking masterpiece!

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Angelic, relatable and totally heartbreaking!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What makes a heart wrenching performance?

Music Producer Philip Garcia react to Indonesian Superstar Lyodra perform her newest single “Tak Dianggap”. Watch Lyodra break our hearts once again!

Lyodra just knows how to sing these delicate, angelic and graceful lullabies that touch the soul.

Philip Garcia – Music Producer

Lyodra is definitely the ‘Queen of Heartbreak Songs’ as she sings another masterpiece. Her angelic voice and even her longing eyes make you feel totally sad. Indeed the song is relatable for those who are undergoing the same emotions in a relationship.

‘Tak Dianggap’ in English means “Not Considered”, Lyodra portrays the lady in the video as someone who’s love is not considered by her partner. No matter how she tries to keep their relationship going, at the end of the day what she does is not important. She just can’t let go because her love weighs more than her hurt feelings.

What would you do if you are in the same situation? 💔

Let Lyodra take you on an emotional ride with ‘Tak Dianggap’ and experience her music and beautiful lyrics!

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