Has Chi Bumanglag Santos found God in her quest for a meaningful life?

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Hi Chi Bumanglag Santos, welcome back to LA Music Review! Tell us a little bit about your music.

I’m Chi Bumanglag Santos, an independent Christian nurse and a singer-songwriter based in Maryland.

My music was first heard on the radio when I became one of the finalists for the United Christian Artists of the Philippines’ (UCAP) Jam inaugural songwriting contest in 2021. I have been writing numerous unpublished Christian songs, both in Filipino and English since the 90s but it was only in 2022 that was I able to record and release 3 of my original singles on various digital music platforms: I’ll Be Alright, Sa Iyo Mananalig, Lifeline and August this year, Hinanap Mo Ako.

My love for writing songs started when, as a fresh nursing graduate, I joined the Medical Ambassadors Philippines (MAP), a local medical missionary organization that ministers among underserved, marginalized, multicultural people groups and communities, providing holistic healing ministry and proclaiming the Good News of salvation. It was in the mountains of Soysoyan, Kabayan, in Benguet that my songwriting journey started.

As a nurse, I’m currently working in one of the teaching hospitals in Maryland and as an artist passionate with her music, I serve in the music ministry of my home church at Mountain Christian Church Edgewood Campus.

My song genre is mostly Pop and Contemporary Christian Music. They are mostly gospel and inspirational. I draw my inspiration in writing songs from my Bible readings and daily experiences and encounters with people. Jenn Johnson, Francesca Batistelli, Lauren Daigle, Faith Hill, and Moira dela Torre are among my musical influences.Text here

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration when you were writing this project?

Released on August 4, 2023. “Hinanap Mo Ako” (You Sought Me) was written one morning after coming home from a busy and exhausting night at work. Sitting on my couch, I just sat and smiled in relief—grateful to God for allowing me to get through the night.

It reminded me once more how faithful God is to me since the day I surrendered my life to Him.

To this day, He is still in the business of seeking, finding and saving lives, like what He did to me. Grabbing and strumming on my guitar, I began to write some words, line after lines and then the song was born—a heartfelt worship song.

What lessons would you like to impart with your audience?

I hope this song can encourage everyone to trust the Lord and His plan and wait patiently. Pursue your passion, and don’t let go. Don’t allow age to become a deterrent. Keep on writing songs and adapt with the changing times. Continue to develop your craft as an artist.

To achieve this, I attended a few songwriting workshops offered by Filipino Christian Composers (FILCCOM), and recently, I enrolled at Singer Studio under Coach Jojo Acosta, for voice lessons.

Start streaming “Hinanap Mo Ako” here:

What is your favorite part of this body of work?

My fave part is the inspiration that comes with people listening to my song and hope it can touch their hearts. It’s a truly fulfilling experience when our songs can make someone smile and feel good just by listening to our songs.

Sing along with “Hinanap Mo Ako” (Official Lyric Viedo) below:

Future releases?

We’re currently working on an EP project which we hope we could release by October of this year. An original love song album from various Indie artists is also on the works. This September 9th, I will be joining other Indie artists perform online via Facebook on Red’s Room.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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