Pinoy rock queens drops powerful inspirational single “Talinghaga”

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Deep, transformational, and empowering!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Pinoy rock queens Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Aia de Leon, Acel, Lougee Basabas-Alejandro, and Hannah Romawac is back with the release of “Talinghaga,” their first song as a group, following a successful sold-out performance at the Solaire Theatre last year.

The inspirational track was released by Waterwalk Records, a record company dedicated to introducing new Christian music to a streaming-oriented audience.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

How is God present in your life?

The song was produced by Jarlo Base, a musician and singer-songwriter who recently worked with Barbie on “PIRASO”. Emil Dela Rosa is also credited as a mixing engineer and masters the song, while providing extra bass. Barbie Almalbis revealed that after their concert in Tanaw, the six of them started discussing writing music together at one of their caves. “Lougee had a ‘debut song’ and we almost finished the song in an afternoon. We just made some edits and added some lines through online collaboration, because Kitchie was in Spain at that time.

Working with her closest friends in the music industry, Acel commends her contemporaries for making sure everyone’s suggestions are heard. “We each shared our ideas, but most of the words we chose to use in the song came from Lougee, Aia, and Barbie. This idea focuses on who God is in our lives.”

Part of the recording was done at Barbie’s “temporary” studio in Marikina, while Aia and Kitchie recorded their part in their own home due to physical and schedule constraints. Thanks to the power of technology, collaboration has become possible and allows some of them to record anywhere. Acel expressed gratitude for how the partnership went.

The track dives into each artist’s own experiences of walking in faith with God and discovering Him even in the most difficult phases of their lives.

Talinghaga” showcased their individual and collective strength as singer-songwriters, driven by their ethereal vocal harmonies, catchy arrangements, soul-stirring tunes, and meaningful words. They creatively expressed their faith with music through this epic collaboration.

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