Will SB19 ever get blinded by the light?

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Raw, honest and totally vulnerable!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

P-pop Kings SB19 performs “Ilaw”, a totally honest take on the struggles of everyone including their experiences as a group. With the success of their Pagtatag World Tour in the US and the newest international dance anthem, “Gento”, SB19 has proven their versatility in performing and songwriting which we thank Pablo for.

Now we have “Ilaw“, with thought-provoking lyrics that we can all truly relate to. Not to mention the vocals that make this masterpiece totally incredible!

What keeps us alive when the going gets tough?

Sino ba’ng may tenga sa mga bulong ko?
Kahit pa ‘ko’y sumigaw ay malabo, oh
Tao po, pakinggan niyo naman ako

“Ilaw” represents what everyone feels at the moment. When we lose hope because of a sickness, a loss of a loved one, struggles at work and school and struggles even with our identity. We all need to rest at one point. We are all humans. Same goes for the SB19 group when they get all the fame and glory but they also need to take it slow, sometimes.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Where do we draw strength from in every hopeless situation?

Let us be reminded that we are never alone in our battles. That we can always look up to God for strength we can’t get from anyone else. Whatever struggles, pain, and heartache we might face, the Lord is ever present and He will definitely heal us because He loves us.

So no matter how blinding the light may be, no matter what situation we have, always remember we can always find rest in our God Almighty.

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