A twist of fate: the heartwrenching story of “Huling Tagpo”

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Deep and truly heartbreaking!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cre8Music Records’ rising PWD singer-songwriter Melissa Corpus released her most painful song yet, “Huling Tagpo,” on September 29, 2023, following her trending acoustic pop track “Ansabe,” which entered the Spotify Philippines’ OPM Unplugged again two weeks ago.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why is closure important in a relationship?

Melissa Corpus wrote “Huling Tagpo” in 2020 based on her love story. It was first released on her YouTube channel as a ‘demo’.

This year, it was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Polysonic Recording Studio by Henry Alburo (DJ Squammy of Bawal Lumabas), and guitar arrangement was beautifully created by Archie Salvador (former guitarist of Zelle and Gloc-9).

The term “huling tagpo,” means “last scene/last time” or “last time I can see you.” It revolves on the painful story of a couple, when one bravely asked to meet and have their “closure.”

Breakups are always painful. Some relationships end abruptly, leaving people feeling stuck. Most people agrees it’s best to have closure after a break-up to have answers to questions battling them, but some say otherwise.

Melissa shares, “As much as we wanted to have a lifetime commitment with the one we love, we can’t change the fact that people changes and priorities affect relationships. Maybe it really wasn’t meant to last.”

Originally, Melissa was planning to release “Paumanhin” before “Huling Tagpo“, but she had a change of heart 2 months prior planning her releases. A twist of fate, her mom passed away two weeks before the release of “Huling Tagpo” in September.

“I never thought I will sing this song for my mom on her wake. It’s like there’s a knife piercing my heart.”

Paano ba tatanggapin
Ng aking damdamin
Ito na ang huling tagpo
Huling sulyap sa ‘yo  

“It’s both painful to lose your significant other, but its much heartbreaking to lose my mom. We are reminded that life is short and we have to cherish every moment especially with our loved ones because we’ll never know when it’s our time to go.”

Melissa’s “Huling Tagpo” music video (created by JL Gaddi) premiered on Sept 29 on her YouTube channel following a release party on Musikerong Pagodt.

How about you? Are you brave enough to ask for a closure or you will just move on as it is?

Congratulations, Melissa! “Huling Tagpo” takes us to another level of delivering a “hugot/emo” song. This track stands out with its powerful lyricism, great flow of storytelling and heartfelt vocals matched with its heart-tugging painful music video and awesome production. Continue shining and inspiring us with your music, Melissa!

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