Is Juan Karlos ready to start all over again?

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Raw, honest and truly heartbreaking!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Filipino singer-songwriter Juan Karlos released another heart-wrenching song entitled “Tapusin Na Natin ‘To”. His live performance featuring Paolo Benjamin of Ben and Ben totally pierced our hearts! Their storytelling is superb and hits so hard, it makes us want to cry!

“Tapusin Na Natin ‘To” is brutally honest and relatable. In English it means “Let’s End This”, this meaning the relationship that is already broken and can never be pieced together again. “Bawat nilalaman ng aking puso, Alay sa’yo hanggang maubos ako” speaks loudly about how much love he has given until he can no longer give any. Juan Karlos surely made an anthem for the broken hearted so deep and painful!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

How can we truly heal from all the pain our relationship caused us?

Let’s be honest, it’s so hard to move on from a relationship that we poured all hearts into. Everyone can say, you can do it, everything’s going to be fine but it’s not that easy. We really need to find ourselves, focus on other things and let ourselves heal, in the process. What’s most important is letting go and learning how to forgive those who’ve hurt us. Find hope and smile because we are still considered blessed.

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