Jamie Miller escapes toxic relationship with “Only Place”

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Deep, relatable, and totally empowering!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Award-winning international pop star Jamie Miller dropped his latest EP The Things I Left Unsaid last Oct. 4, under his new label, BMG.

Music became his sanctuary, and Jamie channeled the feelings, loss, and lessons into new sets of songs after breaking free from several relationships and emerging stronger.

His latest track under his EP, “Only Place“, delves into the aftermath of navigating through a self-absorbed, damaging relationship. The empowering and liberating lyrics paint a vivid picture of finally discarding the shackles of past heartaches and progressing forward.

The lyric “I guess you never listen” suggests that despite trying to relay their unhappiness, the partner remained oblivious and didn’t quite grasp their sentiment.

If you think I’m runnin’ back you’re wrong
The only place I’m movin’ is on

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hold on or move forward?

“Only Place” highlights the need for open communication and understanding for the relationship to prosper. If there’s no growth between the couple, one have a higher chance of abandoning the relationship. When there is no more communication and growth, it is not healthy anymore. We must all learn to how to compromise and be open for improvement as a partner. Pray for God’s guidance and hopefully everything will fall into place.

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