Rising folk-pop artist Winrich Adarlo drops new hit song “Lakbay”

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Fresh and totally captivating!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After gaining a few hit singles like “Give You Love“, “City Lights“, “Sunsets” and “Flashes”, rising folk-pop singer-songwriter from Winrich Adarlo from Romblon, Philippines is back with another hit song, “Lakbay.”

Released last October 6, 2023, the captivating track made it to Spotify Philippines’ editorial playlists—OPM Rising and New Music Friday Philippines as of writing.

Winrich is a folk-pop artist who finds ways to innovate and reimagine how to showcase other genres in his new releases, while incorporating his acoustic tunes.

Produced by Dream Lantern Productions, Lakbay dives into how fast someone can fall out of love.

O kay bilis ng pangyayari
Ika’y naglaho ng walang sabi
Pa’no ngayon, wala ka
O bakit ‘di mo na lang sinabing
‘Di ka talaga handa eh
Ngayon ako’y nag-iisa

It’s a well-written song, marking Winrich’s rich experience as an artist. Excellent production is also notable in this track. The song has a similar vibes with OPM folk-pop band Ben&Ben. What a sweet treat for listeners with its superb fusion of infectious hook, beautiful melody, harmony, vocals, and well-balanced instrumentation.

The track is very refreshing to listen too! It’s very catchy, and the storyline is relatable to everyone—the perfect formula to stand out and stay consistent in entering different music charts.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lakbay” teaches us to continue journeying with life despite being hurt with failed relationships. In time, the right person God prepared for you will find you. Just trust God. There’s always a perfect timing for everything.

May you endure all the challenges along your way. After all, these experiences will make you stronger and wiser. Add “Lakbay” to your playlists now and continue supporting OPM!

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