Gwyn Dorado trends with her soulful masterpiece “Why Do We Love?”

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Emotional, powerful, and truly mesmerizing!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Filipina singer-songwriter and Asia’s Got Talent Season 1 finalist Gwyn Dorado released her new single, “Why Do We Love?” on September 15, 2023. The trending track is co-written and produced by John Luke Jose and Joshua Silorio.

Gwyn made her presence felt on various digital platforms, including Spotify Philippines‘ OPM RisingViral Hits Philippines, OPM Unplugged, Viral – 50 Philippines, and tops Apple Music‘s Viral Hits as of this writing.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why Do We Love?” warms our hearts with its powerful and sincere lyrics. It dives into the complexity and irony of loving. Everyone can relate to this song. We all know that loving goes hand in hand with pain and sacrifice. We often ask ourselves:

Why do we love
If we get hurt?
We go through everything
Just to be
Strangers again

Gwyn creatively controlled her voice and used proper dynamics to convey the story. She perfectly delivered the right emotion and power, especially on the latter part of the track, which added so much feels to the listeners.

Watch her stripped-down live performance of “Why Do We Love?” here:

If loving you is worth the pain
Do I have to go through it all

Most of us are afraid to love again after being hurt. But that’s how love is. You have to let yourself be vulnerable to any pain and suffering when loving. It’s a risk you must take. You cannot love without experiencing both.

It’s always a cycle. If the relationship fails, take time to heal. Cherish the good memories, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Never close your door to take the chance to fall in love again. You are still capable of loving. You deserve a love that God prepared for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love this song! There’s familiarity and magic to it. It’s like you’re listening to an international music artist. No wonder it continues to enter and top editorial playlists on various digital music platforms. Congratulations Gwyn Dorado for captivating us with your haunting emotional ballad!

For me, you’re a young Adele in the making! You’re also giving us Clara Benin and Kz Tandingan vibes! I’m sure “Why Do We Love” will reach more audience and have international recognition soon. This is an OPM masterpiece!

Download, add “Why Do You Love Me?” to your playlists, and share to your socials now!

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