Essential Skills for the Next Generation of Musicians to Grow Their Reach

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Article by: Nicole McCray

Learn the necessary skills to grow as a successful musician!

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Musicians have experienced a shift in what it means for them to “make it” within the music industry. A successful career in the music business can be subjective, and mean different things to different music artists. An artist who lands consistent live gigs may feel successful, as may an artist who had a successful music release, while another may have their music featured in a commercial ad. One success doesn’t necessarily outweigh the other.

One thing is for sure, though – the music industry is constantly changing, and the next generation of musicians should take note. There are many essential tools, techniques, and skills that can help music artists to increase their exposure and ultimately grow their fanbase. However, being successful also doesn’t happen quickly – it takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.

But, what skills are more critical to have under your belt as a musician? Several skills can help, and here are some of the fundamental ways to start growing your music career by leaps and bounds right now.

1.  Identify Your Key Audience

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Learn how to be an effective musician through your chosen market.

One of the most important things to understand within the music industry is to stay well informed of the music market. So research and update yourself on the latest music trends and other aspects within the music realm, including perception changes and feedback from your core demographic.

Knowing to appeal to your ideal listeners is one of the most effective ways to help you grow. Your fans will let you know what they want to see and hear. Equipping yourself with that knowledge can help you always stay one step ahead of the trends to take your music career further.

Self-awareness is a key element to knowing your roadmap to success regarding music and your understanding of the market you seek. You should be able to identify where you need to improve and not be afraid to ask for advice or assistance when you need it.

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2. Take to Social Media and Stay Organized

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How do you use your resources to influence others?

Marketing is a crucial tool to helping you grow. No matter what the next generation takes in the music realm, be it a focus solely on music distribution and licensing, creating a YouTube channel, or continuing as a creator of music, marketing is one of the best ways to reach people and connect. 

Taking your talents, services, and products to social media will make an impact in developing awareness for your music. In addition, it can be helpful to take courses in or educate yourself in what aspects of social media can help you establish and create meaningful posts and photos to bring value to your audience and engage them in becoming regular followers.

When you start posting on your social channels, you should also stay organized since you will be posting across multiple platforms. Keep a calendar handy and ensure that you keep a regular, consistent schedule with your social postings. Organization may be a skill that musicians overlook since creative genius when writing and recording is not the most organized process.

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3. Learn How to be a Better Collaborator

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Learn how to expand your connections to gain more experiences.

Networking is and will always be an excellent skill to help you create more awareness. For example, Adam B., a musician who is teaching guitar lessons in New York, said that he could grow his teaching business exponentially when he started working with other musicians, collaborating on original songs and his teaching, combining efforts to do workshops and masterclasses. As a result, he gained stellar references, which led to more teaching sessions and valuable experience from fellow music business owners.

Teaching music can also be something to do as a musician that can allow you to grow and learn by working and guiding others in their skills. Suppose you had not considered teaching a musical instrument as a method of reaching more people.

You should take a step away from your studio or your instrument and gain more insight by working alongside other colleagues or music professionals. You can also utilize your social media platforms to facilitate new interactions. Find out how to share trade secrets or new ideas for income streams or build other innovative facets within your music career.

4. Take Breaks and Set Attainable Goals

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How do you plan for your future?

While your music will take a lot of time, effort, and dedication, make sure you set up attainable goals and not wearing yourself thin. Take breaks when you need to and allow your mind to take a rest so that you can tackle your projects with renewed vigor. Even if it is just to get up and step outside for a breath of fresh air, sometimes walking away for that moment can make all the difference.

Setting up your goals ahead of time, both short and long-term can also be a great motivator when things get overwhelming or challenging. Just remember not to try things too hard, and make your goals attainable within a given period.

5. Learn How to be Patient While Developing Your Creativity

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Focus on your music and grow step by step.

Be patient with your music career and its success. It takes many musicians years and years of hard work to reach their goals, and we live in a world where so much of what we can get is immediate. We forget that things take time. Therefore, many musicians in the next generation need to gain this skill to not give up too soon on their music dreams.

It probably goes without saying, but being a musician is already a creative endeavor. The future generations are always coming up with new and innovative methods to learn, practice, and generate alternative forms of income within the music industry. So don’t ever let that creative genius die; do what you can to cultivate it and build upon it so that you can continually be growing and changing as music does the same.


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