“Our Many Stars” by Riah Laliberte – A Timely Tender Collection

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by Nicole McCray

A timeless collection breathtaking music.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Instrumental artist Zachariah Laliberte, better known as Riah Laliberte, has just released a new collection of orchestral songs entitled Our Many StarsChapters. The singer/composer is originally from America but resides in The Netherlands with family.

Laliberte switches gears, with the new release under the new name of Our Many Stars, becoming more classical and non-lyrical. Each composition provides the audience with a feeling of the beyond, transcending them into a world of dream-like sequences and evoking spiritual out-of-body emotions, possibly with the goal of star-gazing, since the association with stars and dreams can go together. 

The songs also instill a tender feeling, much like in the title “A Timely Tender Collection.” Laliberte is a multi-instrumentalist with many talents depicted throughout this collection, providing the sense of always reaching, looking upward and onward, as if the future is there and it is our turn to rise. 

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The single release of “Grown” from the album has very staccato and upbeat musicality. It gives the audience feelings of being busy and joy, like a happy tune that would do nothing else but simply make you smile while listening. It picks up with some drum beats that could even get your feet shuffling or have you breaking out in some rhythmic dance moves. 

Moving into another song from the release, called “Consequential Strangers” there are still some staccato-resounding instruments like there are heard in “Grown.” But then a backbeat that creates an upbeat, joyous tune with underlying elements of driving through the countryside and taking in the view. Again, gratitude is felt with this song, as if you are bringing yourself to a peaceful place.

The song “Force of Nature” is where you start to feel this is more reminiscent of a dream-like evolution, with resounding bass piano chords and strings that slowly glide. This song is what most inhibits what the cover picture depicts – a light fog rolling across the top of hills and mountains. It is exactly how you feel in the early morning hours when waking from your dreams. But, then, the drums build up within the music at one point, and it is as if there is an anticipation that the fog will clear and show you something breathtaking and beautiful. 

You can find Laliberte’s newest songs from Our Many Stars through Marmoset Licensing, where they can be licensed for creative projects. Marmoset’s library of songs by Laliberte recalls them as “delicate yet determined piano musings” – an excellent depiction of how the listeners can understand Laliberte’s sense of self. The encouraging music brings celebratory and comforting thoughts within this new orchestral song collection, paving the way to become music that transcends its time.

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