Melroze Digs Deep into Our Hearts with Her Newest Single “S.O.S.”

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Hauntingly beautiful, vulnerable and truly exceptional!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Singer-songwriter Melroze released her haunting new single “S.O.S” on October 8th. Released amidst mental health awareness week, “S.O.S” is an acoustic pop ballad that cuts to the heart of those struggling with mental health and showcases Melroze’s stunning vocals.

Melroze is a multi-talented artist with a background in classical voice and piano in college.

The mastery of her trade is clear after hearing this song that breaks the boundaries of what pop music can be. Melroze’s poetic and consistent voice echoes throughout the song and the simplistic accompaniment sets the tone for an unforgettable message. With such strong emotion and rawness in the song, Melroze forces the listeners to dive deeper into their own thoughts and the intricate choices of the lyrics. 

Can I be honest, can I be real?
Can I just tell you how I feel?
Can I break down, can I just cry?
I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know why.

The Nashville-based pop singer constructs catchy pop songs shadowed by dark and vulnerable lyrics, as showcased in “S.O.S.” Her music blends electronic, celtic, acoustic, and dark pop to create songs that are wholehearted and truthful. Her sound is needed in the pop music scene in the midst of the daily struggles we all experience, and no one can convey these topics better than Melroze.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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