Glance into Celina’s World of 4th Impact!

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Let’s meet the youngest sister…


Her voice is warm and gentle
like a breeze on the water.

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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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42 thoughts on “Glance into Celina’s World of 4th Impact!

  1. I saw the Girls Live in Germany for three Performances and after every Performance we made a Foto and on these Fotos Celina is at my side 🥰,I dont know why but it is so (I send the Fotos to Buster 01 on his Facebook messenger)…so now about Celina’s Voice : if you ever hear her Live you will see ,that her voice is more Powerfull ,than on every Livestream ,or Musicvideo. this Woman is one of the most talented Singer in the world and I Think her Voice is the best voice of the Girls ,coz she can sing every Song .The Problem is …she is to shy …so have a nice week ,guys stay healthy and take care…
    Andi Ehlers

    1. Thanks Andi you are blessed to see the girls live, as I am waiting my chance! Celina is a true beauty in voice and in her soul. I think being the youngest may have something to do with her being the shy one!

    2. Thank you Andi for the comment here and those photos. They are forever in my favorites file from my Friend. When you think about it, this past year, Celina has been the same age as Almira at X-Factor, so no wonder her voice is flowering! And being shy…well we might be too with her sisters’ personailities…she will get there.

  2. Thanks Guys, what a wonderful idea to feature one of the girls of 4th Impact in your Article, Celina has such a clear sound and soft voice and her covers (although to few) are Beautifully done. Thanks Guys for another Great Article.

    1. Thanks, Scott ladies are all talented in their own right! Celina’s voice is so pure and bright! I agree wish Celina had more covers!

    1. Federico, so well expressed. I think they will pass their goals so wildly that if they could not imagine! And we will see those big smiles every day and every minute.

    2. I agree Federico but I believe that soon the whole world will be seeing them, and their dreams are going to surpass even their expectations!

  3. Because of the way X Factor was filmed, I never really heard Celina’s vocals until their I’ll be there on Wish 107.5. OMG!! I couldn’t believe it!! Her opening was so beautiful, I thought an angel was singing!! She is a world class singer, and if she ever decided to do it, would give Almira a run for her money!! She has every tool in the book, from rap to whistle!! She is a powerhouse that chooses to sing in soft, angelic tones, but everyone better beware if she ever cuts it loose!!! Thank you for another great article!!!!

    1. Daddy Nunya, don’t you sometimes see Almira looking at her in pride…Celina is getting to the age of Almira in X-Factor so that is the age when these sisters go beyond any earthly limit.

    2. I agree Daddy Nunya She is a powerhouse but more reserved than her other sisters! She will be the silent assassin who keeps everyone guessing where her talent ends!

  4. Celina is in a word, dynamic, she can take you from Disney to Broadway in an instant, with a voice suited beautifully for both and everything else in between! She truly lives up to the standard of what a Queen of PPop should be, her lovely melodic voice leaves one with a sense of wonder. I for one get lost in her words and don’t want them to end. You my dear Celina have grown from this young girl learning from her older sisters into this Superstar, whose light shines bright! Thanks guys for this article on the amazing and truly talented Celina!

    1. Steven, it was really difficult to do this in one article. Only scratching the surface of the here and now of Celina. Now we just need to remind her to use that marvelous & great smile of hers more often

    2. Steven there is no end to Celina’s talent her voice is something to behold, and they sky is the limit for our youngest angel!

  5. Thanks for giving us this item! Celina is very talented, she has a wonderful and angelic voice. She is a diamond that is polished more every day. She is a world class star And her voice is also powerful, she can get whatever high tones she wants. She has it all! Thanks!

    1. Gustavo, what a great analogy of the diamond being more polished! Add to that, she has a unique cut of it that no one else can approach!

    2. You are correct Gustavo she is the secret weapon of the 4 ladies but with the rate at which she is improving, she will be a secret no more!

  6. Cel is fantastic, we have seen her grow over the years and I’m not talking about her age but her truly phenomenal talent, one of the best singers I know varies from rap to the highest notes a complete interpreter, thanks Philip, Neal and Gary always articles very interesting

    1. Leo, her age is an asset, because no others can reach Celina’s talents and range even if they are a decade older, and taking lessons!

    2. Youm are right Leo her talent has really taken off in the past 2 years! she has it all beauty, brains and talent!

  7. Great article on Celina. If she can overcome her shyness she would be a powerhouse singer as she has the vocals. I would not be surprised if she ends up singing on a Disney animated movie song track in the future.

    1. Thank you William…actually she told me after the Interview with Philip that “me and Mylene are not confident in our English”. I didn’t tell her that didn’t stop Myles. But I did say that I forward to her e-newsletters with shorter articles to help her, if she wanted me to. She said “really you would do that?”. So let’s you and try. Any topic, so long as it’s just a short one. She actually talked more than Mylene in that Interview. And Disney? Oh Yes!!

    2. Thanks William I agree she would make a wonderful Disney princess! I think her shyness has been helped greatly by the livestreams and her interaction with the dreamers!

    1. Hi Marcelo, yes your are absolutely right when it comes to describing it all! Otherwise there’s not enough adjectives to fit into the space!

  8. Celina truly does have a mesmerizing and beautiful warmth to her voice. All of 4th Impacts voices each have unique qualities and blends harmonies so perfectly. If you have not listened to them. Search you tube and you will he amazed. Love 4th Impact!

    1. Kurt Kinast, you are totally correct! Why even listen to anyone else on YouTube?!! Music will be an 4th Impact Art Form once they launch themselves!

  9. I remember being at the first live stream that these girls put on. Even though when the girls perform in front of a live audience or in front of dreamers in their live streams. Celina has always performed professionally but you could tell she was always shy afterwards. But you could slowly see as the live streams went on and the covers coming out that her confidence was building. She has always been an incredible singer but when the cover of I Believe I Can Fly came out for me was the turning point in her confidence. You could hear it. She has blossomed into a wonderfully talented singer and an always loving and kind personality. Thank you guys for putting her in the spotlight. She is only going to continue to grow in her musical talent.

    1. Hi Marshall. I not only wholeheartedly agree, but I can add to that. After the Interview, she told me that “me and Myles are not confident in English, so sorry we did not say more”. So I told her I could send her some e-newsletters maybe for content, but to help the 2 of them with English sentences. Cel said “really, you would do that for me?”,,,,as we know she just needs that small spark to create a big flame of of wonder for the World!

    2. Thank Marshall you have always been a great supporter of these ladies and a good friend to the dreamers! I remember the first livestream and Celina has grown so much since then. I agree with you comment on I Believe I can fly this seemed to be where the confidence blossomed in Celina! We have always believed in her, but she needed to find her own belief!

  10. Thanks for the article guys. When I first found the girls I noticed Celina was a little quieter than the other, so I went back and watch all her performances that I could find and she was a little quieter. She was a person that in my days of playing music, we would have called her a diamond in the rough. I watched her and she did everything she was suppose to do and did it perfectly. When they started their live-streams, I found out she was a little shy. Not only her but also some of her sisters. When it was her turn for solos, she said she was nervous and shy. Her sisters were determined she was going to do her solos, and when she got started, she was much more than I expected. When I played I was shy also, so I know what that feels like. As soon as she realized how good we thought she was, her shyness went away and a star was born. I think she even surprised here sisters on some of the things she could do. Each week I think she realized just how good we thought she really was and her confidante grew and grew. The when she started singing the Broadway songs, she was unbelievable. She no longer let her shyness get in the way. The first time I heard her do a whistle note, I had to watch it two or three times. Only Almira could do the whistle notes, at least that is what I though, but know Celina could do them too. I could tell her sisters were very proud of her by the way they looked at her. I think Almira was the proudest. I think the girls kept pushing her some but she really did not need it. I think she liked to learn from Almira and I think Almira like teaching her. Celina can sing any song of any category. The diamond was no longer in the rough. I knew she wanted to be a model and back in my day, we had an actress that had her legs insured for one million dollars. That would be Celina. I don’t think God has ever created a more beautiful or sweeter woman. Plus if you watch here eyes, she knows just how to use them to be sexy and flirtatious. Also her facial expressions and her body. She knows exactly how to use her voice to be very sexy. She is just perfect at everything she does. Watching her, you can tell she can act and would be great on Broadway. She is just a perfect entertainer. I thank her sisters for encouraging her also. I think they knew how much talent she had in that beautiful body. They all encourage each other and they are all so sweet and an inspiration to the world, especially to the younger generations. She would be perfect as a model, but for some reason, models have to be tall. I would not change a thing about Celina. I could listen to her for 24 hours a day. She is more than just an entertainer, she is a complete woman in all ways. I didn’t mean to get so long guys, but when I get started about the girls, I could go on forever. I have never seen another group with this much talent. To me they are true superstars and Celina is one of the four. They were born to entertain and I hope one day they get the credit they really deserve. Love you all girls.

    1. Don’t worry about being long-winded when it’s about these girls. It is something to behold that they are all supportive of each other and especially Celina because they know her potential and the age difference so that is why she used to hold back. All the sisters are nurturing in their own way, and I think Almira sees Celina as her younger self long ago, but with greater potential (oops did I actually say that?) I am glad that they are inseparable; I am overwhelmed by the fact that they actually exist in this space and time, and yes I am truly besides myself knowing we dreamers are seeing them blossom.

    2. James it is so easy to go on and on about all the talents of not just Celina but all the girls. Yes I have always seen Celina as the Quiet one, shy and a bit more reserved than her sisters. I think being the youngest had something to do with that, but the livestreams have helped her gain her footing and a superstar is born! Celina has it all beauty, voice and personality!

  11. Thank you Gary & Neal. A great introduction to Celina and her talent. She is such a sweetheart. Being the youngest can’t be easy and it’s still the PASSION, the VOICES, and the ATTIDTUDE. Like her sisters, Celina has it all. Bless her and 4TH IMPACT and the MUSIC GENIUS they are.

    1. They are a fabulous, natural complement to each other…you can tell when they look at each other in amazement on how good they sound in something they haven’t even tried before. And even when Celina blossoms even more, there is no doubt that will just evolve. There are some who think they are at the very top of their talent now. I totally disagree…they will all improve beyond even the dreamers’ wildest imagination!

    2. Michael Celina is the complete package! The sisters are a well-oiled machine and soon they are going to be unleashed onyo the entire world!

    1. Thank you Mark! You always comment in your Reactions about them being so…so thank you for your Love for them!

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