Lyodra hits deep with her heartbreaking “Dibanding Dia”

by Philip Garcia
LA Music Review | Art, stories and advice

Heartbreaking and simply beautiful!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lyodra from Indonesia graces us with one of the most touching songs ever.

Lyodra’s Dibanding Dia Official MV

When you love him more than her and he chooses to leave you, how long will the pain last?

We are fragile and 100% emotional in real life. If there’s one person you’ve never gotten over, you know the struggle of having the “one that got away”. 😭 It really hurts to remember.

How much heartbreak pain can you handle?

Dibanding Dia goes deep into a story of love and pain.

Lyodra’s feathery voice and mourning melody makes you want to remember the past and cry. The song’s words gradually tears away through every layer of our heart. The music video is simple yet stunning with the waterfall scenery, almost symbolic of an endless flow of tears.

Lyodra truly sings with grace and sadness till the very end.

It’s chilling to watch. Though we only see fragmented memories, it’s clear that she has lost him. It is devastating. The music fits perfectly with the video and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

From the cherished memories of when we were together

to the final departure of Reno (her ex). This song digs deep down to your bones! The English lyric translation of “Honestly, I love you more than her” sends us straight into a sea of tears.


Normally, ending scenes are reserved for a glimpse of hope. And this one is completely the opposite. Grab your tissues, here we go…

Indonesian: Aku Melody! Mulai sekarang, Jangan ganngu Reno lagi!
English: I’m Melody, From now on, Don’t bother Reno anymore.

The pain is real and it lingers…

yet Dibanding Dia manages to have a subtle calming effect. This is truly a timeless production and easily one of the greatest heartbreaking scenes I’ve seen today. Thank you Lyodra and your team for giving us another reason to remember we are fragile and need love.

5 out of 5
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

by Philip Garcia
LA Music Review | Art, stories and advice

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