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Rating: 5 out of 5.



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Rating: 5 out of 5.


There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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36 thoughts on “4TH IMPACT… NOW HERE WE GO!

  1. World class music video to go with a catchy, inspiring song with their signature harmonies and dancing.

    1. That’s an extremely apt description, William! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the ladies!

    2. Totally agree william! In my opinion their best song to date everybody who listens to it cannot sit still!

  2. Entertainment pure ,wow that was a great Song …think this Girls must not hide beside Stars like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, they are so good as these World Stars .4th Impact is ready for the world and I really hope that the world is ready for the Girls .thank you Girls for these fantastic Song and Video ,BRAVO 🥂⚘️💐❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹💐…god bless these wonderfull Family

    1. Andi, you are totally right! The girls are in a class by themselves, but still can’t quite believe it until they see the big crowds clamoring for them! We have to search for that angle that identifies them in the World’s eyes. Thank you for being their loyal dreamer!

    2. Andi you are so right these ladies are in a class all by themselves! Soon up and coming singers will be compared to these wonderful ladies!

  3. it’s a new chapter in 4th Impact’s career and I’m happy about it. Because nobody deserves it more than these 4 hard working girls. i’am proud of you Ladys of 4th Impact.

    1. Ssab, Happiness is something that they exude to the World, so with your support and others, the World soon see what has been there all along, and the wait is over for both.

    2. You reap what you sow my mother always told me this! These ladies have worked so hard for this all their lives and now the dream is finally coming true for these beautiful souls! they have given so much too so many and now God is giving them what they deserve!

  4. Thank you girls, I am very proud of you. I knew you could do it. I know I have told the eastern United States how special you are. You are just very special. This was well worth the wait. Have to admit I could not sleep last night because I was so nervous. Then you cane out with that beauty and those personalities and just notified the world how good you really are. I still cant believe you sometimes. It is like you are not even real. You are amazing. Get some rest, because I know you put a lot of work into this. May God bless you all.

    1. Wow James, I will now have to look at the countdown; I couldn’t get up that early at 3 AM since I had no “stored sleep”, but I really want to see and hear for myself. Just when think you know special people, they show even more to make us overwhelmingly happy that we exist to witness this! Thanks for your support James!

    2. James, I think we are all just filled with pride at this moment! I think these ladies woke something up in us older folks that had been dormant for years! that sense of pride you felt when your children moved out of the house for the first time. You worried about them gave them advice but cried silently and hoped they flourished! Well our girls time has come to rule the world and share their message to the masses! Just glad we were along for the ride!

  5. When life gives you lemons, it also gives you choices, you could simply make some sour lemon aid or….This is my choice, you can simply slip some nice music into your headphones sung by our Angels from 4th Impact, this is a much tastier way to tackle problems I face every day! But if you pardon the expression, “There’s a new sheriff in town!”, in the form of new music, (ORIGINAL) music, from these 4 tiny beauties with giant voices! The Philippines is standing up and being recognized around the world as powerhouse of emerging singers taking over the airwaves by storm, now we are given the birth of the newest worldwide super power, 4th Impact and their first assault “Here We Go” which will take the world to a new level of hearing pleasure! I got a glimpse of it from the lyric video, it was everything I expected it to be, I wanted to witness the debut the following morning with all my dreamer friends, so I stayed up all night long, in anticipation so as to not sleep through it and miss showing my love and support for our Angels, but nothing prepared me for the debut of this soon to be classic hit song, The lights were dimmed and then several points of light gave silhouette to 4 figures standing poised on a stage, it was an imposing and beautiful sight! Then the music began, I don’t remember much after that! I was much given to expressions of awe and wonder, just like my first time seeing these ladies sing Bang Bang, I remember just sitting there with my mouth hanging open and my eyes as big as saucers, unable to speak anything coherent except, WOW! OMG! and HOLY SMOKES! This is now my very favorite music video of all time!!! Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina, take a bow, this is a work of art, finely crafted! I take my hat off to you for a job well done! May God bless you, you certainly have blessed us!

    1. Steven I second that! This will be the song to launch these humble beautiful ladies and family into the stratosphere! This will surely be a classic!

    2. Steven, how, over 3000 miles, or so, did we have the identical expressions? Actually though to be absolutely truthful, I was somewhat lukewarm saucers of eyes. But of the 3 dozen times I have watched this since, each time get me more and more teary-eyed with absolute joy! We dreamers have the some of the same journey in the last 2 years because of the friendship of these girls, so to see their skyrocketing success go higher and higher is just an indescribable feeling. Go Change the World 4th Impact!

  6. Thank you for showing us your new production in a fun way. A world-class video at the height of any great international star. Congratulations to the girls and thanks again for everything you do for them.

    1. Gustavo it is truly our pleasure! These 4 little bundles of energy have given so much joy to the world it is their time to get the joys for themselves!

    2. I want to add my thanks to Philip for taking the time on zoom, often starting at 11:30 PM, where we start setting up the article. Each time Neal and I find it hard to come up with enough superlatives to describe them, so you can imagine this time tonight.

  7. The girls did a fantastic job on this MV. So proud of these ladies. They put in alot of hard work on this MV. The only thing I can really say is ” SUCCESS “. Here We Go. Love these ladies.

    1. David, I think we all want nothing but the best for our four tiny queens! They are like our daughters or granddaughters we all have a special place in our hearts for them!

    2. Hi David! I am willing to bet that the production crew said “you want to do what?!!” “No one has ever done all of that ever!” Well, we know from the livestream that these ladies have imagination beyond compare! Hard work, imagination, harder work, imagination tweaked, 4th Impact-style work, Imagination just like 4th Impact!

  8. While waiting for the release of the MV I was so Excited and when it finally came on, My Excitement quickly turned to amazement. Here We Go was so well done and such a powerful song, It’s no wonder that over 1,000 people were there for the release of the MV. I am one PROUD DREAMER!!! In one word (AWSOME) Thank You Gary, Neal, and Philip for the hard work and timing in getting this great Article out to us.

    1. Scott, we are all so proud of these ladies! We wanted to include the new MV so we had to wait for the release to include it, but our excitement and amazement was like yours we were in awe! The work the ladies put into this video paid off in spades! Thanks for enjoying the articles and for being a good friend to us all, and all you do for the girls!

    2. Scott, my Friend…we wouldn’t even think of being tardy and saying “it ain’t my fault”! Of course only the girls are capable of singing that into an art form! And talking about the # of people there, can you just imagine the next song? 5,000 of us? They will need 2 sided monitors!

  9. Congratulations 4TH IMPACT, Almira, Irene, Mylene, & Celina, CHARLES KIM, the ShowBT family and the entire Cercado Family. It is a success because I can’t get the song out of my head and the MV was over the top. Thank you Neal & Gary for another great article and for promoting the most underrated group in music history.

    1. Michael, thank you for enjoying the articles! None of this would be possible without Phillip who created this for the girls to get recognition because like us he believes in them! the song is catchy! I have not seen one reactor who can sit still while reacting too it LOL! I think after this song they will be underrated no more! Thanks for your support of us and the ladies! Dreamers rejoice 4th Impact has arrived!

    2. Well Michael, the way I see it, I would much rather have the song in my head because of the message they bring now to the World. We are so honored to be able to write about 4th Impact, and that they like what we’ve been doing for ONE YEAR.

  10. The shear number of Filipinos I have heard say, “4th Impact? I loved them in the X Factor, but haven’t heard anything about them since” makes me sick to my stomach!! With the backing of ShowBT, and the release of this amazing video, I don’t think I will be hearing that awful sentence anymore!!! It is time for 4th Impact to be recognized by their own country as the National Treasures they truly are!!!! Not only did their X Factor journey kick open the door to the world for all the other great Filipino singers, but they are far and away the best female group on the planet!!!! This video was a STATEMENT, and served notice to, not only the Philippines, but the whole world, that they will no longer accept being ignored and denied their rightful place as the P-POP Queens!!!!
    Everyone seek shelter, and baton down the hatches!!!! The typhoon that is 4th Impact is about to blow the old norm’s away as they take the world by storm!!!! WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!

    1. Daddy Nunya, I could not have said it better myself! The world needs to prepare for 4th Impact!

    2. Daddy Nunya, so much my words too, but you’re more eloquent. When Filipinos hear it’s the management company of SB 19, and that it’s Sony Music who is distributing them, there is no doubt the Filipinos will feel that they completely overlooked them

  11. They have waited and worked so hard for this and now it is starting to happen. Just think how close it was to them giving up before giving it one last chance with the X-Factor. We all know they should have won the X-Factor. But maybe it was for the best that they didn’t which has lead them down the path to where they are today. I will admit I was not real keen on them signing with a management company because of what has happened to them in the past. But I will have to admit so far this management company has stood behind them and we have now seen what they are capable of doing with the girls. I am so happy for the girls right now and looking forward to what will be next. Thanks for putting this article out guys and congrats on your one year anniversary on doing stories about 4th Impact!!

    1. Marshall, you said it the girls have worked so hard for this moment! I like you were weary of them signing with a management group because of the past! But like you I admit this company has fought and backed the girls all the way! Thank God they found somebody other than dreamers and family that believed in them! Thanks for being a good friend to us Marshall and to the ladies! We are all just trying to help the girls any way we can!

    2. Thank you Marshall my friend! It is hard to believe that it is one year and this is the 41st article! But when one is writing and doing research on “where is that timestamp sequence I need?”….time seems to stand still, and even goes backward! I have to admit that I was dubious too, but then I realized that Mira, and then Irene said to me “please believe us Sir Gary, we will not sing until every single issue is the way we want it to be”…I had never heard them almost pleading with me to believe in them…who does that? All other artists would just say “it’s too bad but I know better”. They knew that the company was willing to accept them the way they are, and that is what they were talking about “every issue”. So stared at that video premiere, remembering their words!

    1. We are excited to watch it Mark thanks for all your reactions and attention you have given our ladies!

    2. Excitement! Extraordinary Excitement! Eloquence! So looking forward to this event that will be talked about… as Mark dances on the table with 4th Impact!

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