Lea Salonga as star judge in the “Sing for the Stars” at Kumu

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Highly anticipated virtual singing competition of the year!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m looking for singers who have a really good command of the story they are telling.

Lea Salonga

From being the judge of The Voice of the Philippines, the timeless Tony Award winner, Lea Salonga is now the judge of the new international singing competition called “Sing for the Stars” at Kumu. The social media platform is hosting a completely virtual competition for people who aspire to become stars. Alongside Lea is the world class Canadian singer-songwriter Michael Buble who is equally excited to look for unique individuals to grace the show.

Sing for the Stars at Kumu premiered its first episode last March 19, 2022 and is scheduled to air for the weeks to come. Ultimately, the singing competition will hone the singing skills and prepare the aspiring singers for the bigger stage.

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